Jungle Inferno by Desiree Holt


For Faith and Mark, the telepathic connection they’d shared for years was nothing compared to the scorching physical connection they realized as adults. From the first moment they came together, “erotic” was too pale a word to describe their relationship. Together they explored each other’s deepest, darkest desires.

But now Mark, survivor of an ambush to his Delta Force team, is a prisoner of a terrorist group in the Peruvian jungle, and his telepathic communication with Faith is his only contact with the world. While she searches for help to save him, they survive on dreams that take them beyond all sexual boundaries.”


What would it be like to send telepathic messages to the man of your dreams? Well, what if that man was a sexy, military, alpha male named Mark Halloran? I would say, “Sign me up!” Jungle Inferno is Book One in Desiree Holt’s scorching Phoenix Agency series. This took me two nights to finish and the pages would not turn fast enough for me. My heart was pounding with every page. This story is action packed, filled with chills, and oh so sexy thrills! I really had a hard time putting it down, but hey, a girl does have to sleep right?
Mark and Faith found out at a young age that they could speak to each other telepathically. This connection only brought them closer and closer together, until life got in the way. Mark was always away on missions and Faith was a well known author busy with her new career. The few times they did find their way back to each other, it was EXPLOSIVE! All throughout this book we are treated with flashbacks of the naughty kind *smirks* These flashbacks were hot, sweet, sensual, romantic, oh and did I mention HOT! Ms Holt NEVER disappoints in that particular area.
When Mark is captured and held prisoner in the middle of the jungle, his communication with Faith is the only think keeping him alive. Cue the sexy, erotic flashbacks! Faith has some experience with research with her writing political reads, so she starts her journey to find help to reunite her with the other half of her heart.
I want to thank Desiree Holt for bringing this beautiful, terrific series in to our hearts, and for bringing all her characters to life in our minds so we can stand up and pump our fists in the air and cheer for the good guys!

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