Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh

Genre: Paranormal Romance


In Beat of Temptation , innocent Tamsyn has always had a place in her heart for Nathan, a blooded DarkRiver sentinel. But is she ready for the fierce demands of the mating bond?

In Stroke of Enticement , a wary young teacher, skeptical about love, arouses the man—and the animal—in an aggressive leopard changeling who must prove his affections are true.


In Declaration of Courtship , Grace, a shy submissive wolf, finds herself pursued by the last man she ever would have imagined: a SnowDancer lieutenant said to be “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”

In Texture of Intimacy , SnowDancer healer Lara discovers the searing joys—and unexpected challenges—of being mated to quiet, powerful Walker, a man used to keeping his silence.


I was a little hesitant on jumping up to purchase this book even though I am a HUGE fan of Nalini Singh. I’m not a fan of the short stories or novellas as they call it, but I am so glad I read it. Oh how I missed being transported to the Psy/Changeling world! This was a very quick read for me, I finished it in one night. If you are a follower of Nalini Singh’s stories, you will NOT be disappointed.

Tammy and Nate have been two of my favorite characters in this series since the very beginning. I am so glad that this story was included. Nate is a DarkRiver Sentinel and Tamsyn was forced at a young age to become the DarkRiver Healer. Nathan doesn’t think Tammy is ready for him yet, and Tammy is tired of Nate being so distant. This was an emotional one for me. I wanted to smack Nate upside the head a few times. Packed full of emotions and of course a lot of sexual tension, the only way Nalini Singh does it.

Ohhh Zach Quinn, how I love you! Sexy Leopard versus lonely school teacher. I loved this story so much. Zach goes to pick up his nephew from school and meets Annie, his nephew’s school teacher and recognizes his mate immediately, but Annie is human so he has his work cut out for him, especially since Annie’s mother wants only “academic types” for Annie. Don’t underestimate Mr Quinn though. He is a pure Alpha male with A LOT of charming qualities. Beautiful chemistry between the two with quite a bit of humor tied in.

The SnowDancers are my favorite, mainly because of the sexy Alpha Hawke. This is about a very submissive wolf Grace, who is being pursued by the VERY alpha wolf Cooper. This was such a cute story, but it also had major sexual tension.

This was another one of my favorites! Walker Lauren is a sexy, sexy, oh did I mention sexy Psy. Lara is a SnowDancer healer. Their mating bond happens back in Kiss Of Snow. The newly mated pair have a lot of challenges between them, with Walker still hiding behind his silence and Lara trying to break down his shields. I loved having past characters pop up in this story as well as getting to know Walker a little more.

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