Blog Barrage: Good Enough To Trust by Zara Stoneley

Good Enough to Trust (Good Enough #2 – Going Back)
by Zara Stoneley
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Self/Indie
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count: 45,000
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Doyou trust the boy you loved, or the man you might?

Sophiehas only one thing on her New Year’s resolution list – sorting out her life.

Losingher parents was hard, blaming herself hurt more – but was it really her fault,or was accepting the guilt easier than facing up to the truth?

Retracingher steps was never going to be easy, risking her heart again is even harder -and when there’s two men to choose from will it be easier to trust the manshe’s never stopped loving, or the one that might give her the new start sheneeds?

Warning: This title is intended forreaders over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations(including m/f/m menage and outdoor sex) and adult language, and may beconsidered offensive to some readers.





“No, because I’m not. Are you?” He didn’t waitfor my answer. Just gently propelled me backwards until my back met the softcovering of the lichen-covered rocks and my hips tilted forward until I couldfeel the heat of his cock pressed hard against me.

“I’ve missed you so much, Sophie.” His handslipped under my T-shirt burning a molten path up my body that left mewhimpering. “Have you come back to torture me, show me what I’ve missed outon?”

 I shookmy head dumbly, because right now my brain hadn’t got the capacity to think, toanswer questions, to do anything but pander to my body’s reactions.

“You shouldn’t have come back.” His voice washoarse, his hand closed around my heavy breast, his thumb brushing over anipple I knew was hard, but he was looking at me. Straight to the heart as theysay.

“I had to.”

“Shit, Sophie.” And when he kissed me it wasn’tthe exploration of yesterday it was hard, physical in a way that made me gasp,controlling and yet demanding, as though he had to catch up on all the years inbetween.

And it made me cry.

I clung to him, clung as though I was afraidhe’d go, even though his hard body was pressed against mine, his mouth claimingmine. I could taste my salty tears as our teeth clashed, as his fingers meshedinto my hair, as the hunger we’d both kept under control erupted. And I wasshaking, trembling with need and anticipation as I tasted the lust in hismouth, felt the want in his body.

He grunted as the button of my jeans gave wayfor him and his hand forced its way into my panties, his fingers slipping intomy wet channel. I lifted my leg, wrapped it round him, my hand on his face aswe drank from each other. And all I could do was rock against him, clutch athim, lick him and kiss him as the tears gradually slowed to a stop and a hungerthat scared me took its place.




Zara Stoneley has been writing stories for as long as she’s beenreading them. She submitted her first novel, a thriller, to a UK publisher when she was twelve years old.

After moving on to romance, she started off writing contemporaryromance with a bit of sizzle, and then discovered she liked hot and erotic too.Her erotic work has been published by Xcite Books and Breathless Press. Shealso writes contemporary romance under the name Susie Medwell, and her latestromance is due to be published by Lyrical Press in May 2013.

Zara loves her family, sunshine, wine, good food, caffeine, cats,music, writing and reading – but not necessarily in that order!



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