Review: Bayou Heat Bayon & Jean-Baptiste by Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright

Bayou Heat


Alexandra Ivy


Laura Wright
Book 3 & 4 in the Bayou Heat Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance
The fight continues in the Wildlands. Facing extinction, the Pantera have been given a miracle. A child. The first one in over fifty years. But even as they prepare to celebrate, the enemy strikes, putting at risk the fragile female who carries the hope of their people.

Charming, drop-dead gorgeous Hunter Bayon is thirsting for revenge on the enemies who slipped into the Wildlands and attacked Ashe and her vulnerable child. Pledging to track down the cowards, Bayon goes on the hunt, pursuing the humans to a nearby town. But searching their shabby hideaway, he makes a discovery that shocks him to his very soul and might very well destroy the heart of the Pantera.

Tattooed and pierced, sexy Nurturer Jean-Baptiste has been living in utter isolation. His cat is out of control, and the only thing that soothes the beast is a rare mineral he keeps inking into his skin. Until he meets her: Genevieve Burel. The beautiful and buttoned-up female puma is unlike anyone he’s ever met. She makes his cat purr, and he knows he must possess her, mate with her. But the secret she’s keeping might threaten not only their unbridled passion for one another, but the very future of the Pantera race.
Let me tell you what….GREAT things happen when these two authors get together!
Bayon’s story brings us right back to what happens after the HUNT and the attack on Ashe and her child, so you don’t miss a beat. I love it when a book sucks you right in at the very beginning.This story was a thrill ride all the way through. There were bouts of incredible sex that made you blush, and heartwarming tenderness between the characters as well as the sheets *winks* I enjoyed reading about BAYON very much. BAYON is a Pantera Hunter. He is a warrior that protects his people from whoever or whatever threatens them. We see that side of him throughout this story, but we also see his playful, tender side as well.
“I may not be a virgin, but -“
“Understatement of the century.”
I can’t say much more without giving spoilers, so let me just say, this series gets better and better!Even though it is a shorter story than most, it is still packed with fun, exciting, sexy adventures that you only expect from amazing authors that know how to write Paranormal Romance!
No offense to Parish, but “Mr. Baptiste” is now my FAVORITE Pantera! This sexy, bad-assed, no holds barred cat had me hooked from the beginning. I was very surprised to find out he was a Nurturer. Although, throughout the story you get to learn how incredibly smart Jean-Baptiste is, so I guess I can’t be too shocked.
“Trying to keep my cat caged here, and it’s not your biggest fan right now.”
Tensions are high in this one. Everyone is on edge and wants to find a way to help Ashe and her baby. When Jean-Baptiste is “ordered” by Raphael to go find the person who could possibly help Ashe, he gets pissed when he finds out he has to have a babysitter along the ride….enter the overly controlled, focused, determined puma – Genevieve Burel or “Miss Burel.” Sexual tensions are at an all time HIGH with these two characters and I LOVED it. She knows just what to say to push his cat over the edge, and yet, she knows just what to say to put his cat at peace. The back and forth between these two made me laugh. Insults were thrown, first impressions were tossed out the window, and scorching, sizzling, sensual (okay I’ll have to go to the thesaurus for more) SEX was had on dining room tables!
“You, Miss Burel, are the sweetest, most tempting thing I’ve ever had on my tongue.”
Ok, time to go take a cold shower! Before I go, please, please, please start this series if you haven’t yet. It will pull you in to a world full of magic, insanely hot men, and extreme sexual tension!
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