Review: You Only Love Twice by Rayne Bexley

Book 1 in the Main Street Series
April 9, 2013
Horny Devil Publishing
After eight years of service, Marine, Nathan Fitzgerald returns home to help run his Grandfather’s bar. Bachelor life has its benefits when faced with the girl who barely noticed him in high school.

Newly single, Paige Fallen, has a new lease on life; to live it to the fullest, no regrets.

When a startling incident forces the pair together, Nathan’s wildest dreams come true, but will Paige allow her past to ruin the forever kind of love?
It’s always exciting to get to read an author’s very first book. You almost feel honored for the opportunity to read it, like you are celebrating something special with that writer. This was the case for me in Rayne Bexley’s first in her Main Street Series, “You Only Love Twice.”
We have all been there, when we try to move on with our lives, after a bad breakup and it’s just not that easy to get back on the saddle. Paige spent 8 years with a man who made her forget who she was, and there is no quick fix for that. Luckily like Paige, we had that one amazing friend that drags our asses out of our funk and teaches us that the world isn’t over, and that we need to have fun again…find ourselves again.
I loved these characters! Even Josh, Nathan’s brother, who let me just say, did NOT make a very good first impression with me. Nathan was an amazing male lead in this story. You can just tell that all he wants is to not feel so alone. He is constantly surrounded by people and always getting hit on by different women each night, but he still feels empty, like something is missing.
The interaction and the sexual tension between Nathan and Paige were not OFF THE CHARTS by any means, but that’s what made this love story so fresh and lovely. Of course, they were quick to find each other, this is a romance novella for god’s sake, what else would you expect, but their coming together was amazingly sensual, sweet, and long overdue. I think Nathan will be able to help Paige heal and find herself again.
“Paige, tell me you don’t want this, and I’ll stop, but I need to kiss you right now.”
To be able to get the reader to connect with these wonderful characters in 50 pages is an extraordinary achievement, and I applaud Rayne for writing such an incredibly sweet and sexy story, that had me smiling the entire time. I’m so excited to see what’s next in the Main Street Series.
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