Reviews: Doctor Doctor Part 1 & 2 by Kassandra Cox

Doctor’s Orders Series, Book 1
November 5, 2012
Horny Devil Publishing
BDSM, Erotica
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Dr Mc-Sexy Joel is successful, gorgeous and desperately unimpressed by the women throwing themselves at him. As stuffy patient advocates go, Mia is the exception to that expectation. When a deliciously enticing submissive lands unexpectedly at her dominant feet, sparks fly as they explore the razor sharp edges of a forbidden seduction.
Doctor Doctor had me hooked from the very first chapter!
“Whatever pleases you, Mistress.”
I wonder how that feels, hearing those words come from a hot sexy man kneeling in front of you. Mistress Mia is very used to those words, but recently it just feels like empty words coming from someone who will never be hers.
Mia is a patient advocate at a hospital by day, and a Domme by night. To say she likes to control every aspect of her life would be putting it lightly. Surviving an abusive relationship with her stepfather, she craves the control, she NEEDS it. She will NEVER let a man control her again.
Dr Joel Hartline is an ER doctor by day, and unbeknownst to him, a submissive by night. Joel is no stranger to the opposite sex. He has no problems getting women in his bed, but under all that perfect hair and stubborn square jaw, lies a man that wants to relinquish some control. He just needs the perfect woman to take it from him.
“He wanted more and he wanted it with her.”
 I am diggin these two characters, Mia and Joel. There is great chemistry there. For someone that is not in the lifestyle, but read enough about it to know that Kassandra knows her stuff. I love the fact that this story wasn’t clouded with a bunch of unnecessary characters. It was Joel and Mia. When reading this story that’s all you really care about, learning more about their relationship and wondering what direction it will go. I was glued to my kindle, constantly wondering what decisions these two were going to make about eachother, meanwhile my heart was pounding from the hot scenes taking place throughout the book.
This is my first read from Kassandra Cox and it won’t be my last because I am about to start the next book in the Doctor’s Order series. I need to know more about these two and where their relationship is headed. Let’s go find out shall we….
Doctor’s Orders Series, Book 2
April 9, 2013
Horny Devil Publishing
BDSM, Erotica
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As they continue their journey, Mia takes Joel deeper into her world of BDSM. Will he be able to move past his preconceived notions and fears of discovery or will crossing the boundaries into unknown territory leave them both broken and alone?
Who would have thought you could get so much out of a story in 52 pages!
The story continues with uncertainty up in the air. Mia knows what she wants, but does Joel? The doc is having a hard time believing that he will be able to keep his personal and professional life separate, even though he is feeling things for this woman, things he has NEVER felt before. Unsure of what to do next, he gets some great advice from a fellow coworker. Will they be able to make this work? He would do anything to take back that disappointing look in Mia’s eyes when he left her that morning.
“She’d taken him to a place he never knew existed.”
This turned out to be a quite beautiful story. Yes, there were floggers, blindfolds, and spanking benches involved, but the emotions that the author brought out in these two were almost palpable. I hope Kassandra isn’t finished with this series, because I want MORE! Dr McSexy can’t be the ONLY hot physician in that hospital…right?
*I received a copy of these books from the author in return for an honest review*

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