New Release: Destined by Tasha Gwartney

Book 1 in the True Witch Saga Series
May 1, 2013
Erotica, NA, Paranormal Romance, BDSM
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Ella Reese has never been a normal girl. She grew up in a home where she was despised for everything that she is. She learned early on to keep her head down and try to fit into a mold that was never really meant for her. All Ella wants is to live a normal life and spend time with her two best friends. Maybe even make it through her senior year of High School without being maimed. But when Fate intervenes, picks up your roots, and sends your life in a new direction. You can’t exactly say no. Ella finds herself on a journey where she discovers herself to be a Goddess Touched True Witch with unequaled powers, falls madly soul deep in love with her chosen life mate, experiences horrific tragedies, reunites with those she thought she had lost forever, and discovers along the way that she has found a family that accepts her for who she truly is. But Fate doesn’t deal her cards lightly. When you are handed enormous power. That power comes with great responsibility. When Ella’s whole world falls apart and her love for her soul mate is put into doubt. Will she be strong enough to travel the path Fate has set her upon? Or will she fold under the weight of her new Destiny?
*This is a full length novel containing adult content. It is not meant for anyone under the age of 18*
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