Promo/Giveaway & ARC Review for DANNY by Margo Anne Rhea

Margo Anne Rhea
Contemporary Erotic Romance
 Entranced Publishing
38 Pages
May 20, 2013
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Paige Warren is sure she’s come to terms with her impending divorce, until she wakes up in bed with her soon-to-be ex, Danny. Worse yet, the bed belongs to Stacey, the sexual surrogate Paige and Danny have been sleeping with for months — and Stacey’s not there.

As much as Paige tries to deny it, she soon realizes she’s still in love with Danny. Now she’s torn between him and the woman who holds them together. Should she risk hurting Stacey to rekindle a monogamous relationship with the man she once thought she’d spend the rest of her life with, or should she learn from past experience?

Danny is a sensual, erotic novella following one woman’s struggle between a love she thought was over and a relationship that’s barely begun.

THE MORNING I REALIZED I still had feelings for Danny was a rainy, gloomy one. Just like all those lazy, stormy Saturdays he and I used to spend in bed together–before Stacey. A hand slid up my thigh, pulling me from sleep. I stretched into the caress, reaching out for her. My muscles ached with that well-used, morning-after feeling. How like Stacey–to wake up wanting more.

I crawled sleepy fingers across linen until I felt warmth, smooth skin, a hipbone. Goose bumps rose under my hand, and I traveled north for more fun. The corners of my lips turned up in a smile as I anticipated cupping Stacey’s full breast, her taut nipple tickling my palm.

But instead I was fondling a very flat, very male chest. I’d like to say I shot off the bed faster than I’d ever moved before. But I didn’t. Instead, I lingered, breathing in time to his heartbeat. I would know that cadence anywhere. I’d laid my head on that chest and listened to that heart beat a million times before, but I pried my eyes open and focused on him, just to be sure.

The sight that greeted me was all too familiar: lean muscles; smooth, tan skin; dark, military hair. His square jaw clenched tight, and his brown eyes narrowed in an unreadable expression. Yep, I was in bed with my husband–my naked, estranged husband. And our girlfriend was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Stacey?” I whispered the words. Maybe I was afraid I would spook him. Maybe I was afraid I’d spook myself. I still hadn’t taken my hand back.

“Work, early.” The old Danny would have made sure I knew when she’d left, when she would be back, and every detail in between. Of course, the old Danny wouldn’t be married to one woman and sleeping with another.

I sighed and reclaimed my hand; his was still on my leg. Three years of marriage had been reduced to two-word sentences and mistaken caresses. I slid to the edge of the bed, keeping the ecru sheet stretched securely over my nudity. Danny traced my spine with his fingertips as I turned my bare back to him and kicked my legs over the edge of the bed.

He exhaled heavily. “Don’t go.” His voice was soft and gravelly. I froze at the sound of it. “Paige, stay.” He tried again, but all his entreaty did was spur me into motion.

My panties were on the floor by my feet, and I wasted no time yanking the pink lace up my legs. The sheet slipped, falling with a soft whoosh onto its fitted counterpart as I stood to pull those panties into place. He moaned the second my ass was covered.
Margo is a marketing specialist by day, and a writer of erotic romance by night. When she’s not busy penning steamy fantasies, she can be found man-watching on the beach. She is a lover of shiny things and an avid collector of shoes, but her heart will always belong to books.


  “Love. I was still deeply in love with Danny. And with that love came a jealousy I’d never before experienced.”
This little gem snuck up on me and kicked my ass! You go in thinking, okay it’s 38 pages, I’ll be in and out and move on to the next one. NOPE! This story will stick with you way after it’s over.
DANNY is a unique story. I mean who has ever heard of a sexual surrogate?! Genius! Don’t get me wrong, I am all for menage relationships, but something hit me with this one. When Paige had the little bouts of jealousy, I felt so bad for her. I felt her emotions like they were my own. Even though this story was written in Paige’s POV, you could still feel the longing and the love that came from Danny every time he looked at his soon to be ex-wife.
“God, he was breaking my heart. I wanted to crawl into his arms, whisper that I loved him, too, pretend none of this had ever happened. But it had.”
This was a short, sensual, erotic delight and I loved the effect it had on me. How can such a little story make such a big impact? Find out for yourself. You will be amazed.
~*~ This eBook was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review ~*~
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  1. Thanks for the spotlight and review of this book – this does sound different and I think you are right – don’t see sexual surrogates often if ever in a book.