Review: This Is Who I Am by Cherise Sinclair

 photo 6b6f8ca2-1326-4e11-a0ef-a290b267f48d.jpgThis Is Who I Am
Cherise Sinclair

Masters of the Shadowlands #7

May 27, 2013
Loose Id, LLC

BDSM, Erotic Romance

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When trying to save a woman from slavers, Sam screwed up. Royally. Now Linda wants nothing to do with him. Or with BDSM. She won’t even admit she’s a masochist. As a dominant and sadist, he can give her what she needs, and when an opportunity arises, he slips into her life, intending to make amends. She’s everything he knew she would be…except for her bullheaded determination to be ‘normal’.

Now the horrible time is past, Linda just wants to return to her small conservative town, pick up her quiet life, and be normal. But how can someone who likes pain be ‘normal’? To her dismay, when someone spray-paints her home with obscenities, Sam shows up to rescue her. Again. Doesn’t he understand that the last thing she needs in her life is a sadist? He’s amused by her objections. But his dry sense of humor can’t disguise that he’s tough as nails and dominant and stubborn. He’s not going to let her drive him off this time. Soon she realizes she wants him to stay.

When he takes her to the Shadowlands, she feels as if she’s found a home…until she hears a voice from out of her nightmares.

 “This won’t hurt much from a sadist is as believable as hearing a root canal is just a little uncomfortable.”
I’ve probably said this a million times, but I will say it again dammit! Cherise Sinclair is a mastermind when it comes to writing BDSM Erotica. This Is Who I Am is just another example of her brilliance. I enjoyed everything about this story. I enjoyed everything from the parts that made me laugh hysterically down to the parts that made my chest hurt and my eyes water. Well done “missy!”
“With Sam’s arms around her, nothing would hurt her. Except him.”
Back to the Shadowlands we go. God I missed this place. I missed Master Sam. With his “I don’t give a shit attitude,” his sexy, sexy, oh did I mention sexy voice, and his beautiful soul. Everything about this man screams Dom, and I love it! Master Sam is a sadist, and I am by no means a masochist, but something about Master Sam tells me that if he wanted something from me, he would damn well get it, probably with very little talk back on my part. He wants everything that his Beautiful Linda can offer him, but can he get close enough when his past controls him? It was good to get a glimpse in the past of Sam. The way he adores his lovely daughter, and the horrid ex-wife of his that tries to ruin him and his daughter’s life every chance she gets. You can understand why it’s so hard for him to talk and express his feelings with anyone.
“As the sadist in this relationship, I do the slapping.”
Linda just wants her life to go back to “normal.” Whatever the hell that means. She has been through something so horrible, that it tears me up just thinking about it again. Linda is a strong woman and she will survive, but having to come back to her home town and deal with all the gossip and the newspaper articles about her, it’s just a little too much to take on by herself. Thank god for Sam. He knows exactly what she needs, but is that what she really wants? Is that the kind of life she can be a part of after everything that has happened to her? Will more pain heal the pain she suffered back when she was a slave? Maybe. If  the right Master was giving it to her.
“Baby, once you gave me your trust, you were a peach ready to be plucked, and there was nothing you could do about it.”
There were times I had to stop what I was reading and just let the tears fall. This was a beautiful, gut-wrenching, heart-warming story from start to finish and I didn’t want it to end. Thank god for epilogues, they make me feel a little bit better. Sam and Linda are perfect together. They both have walls built up, but they can break through them together and get through anything. Jessica’s bachelorette party had me in tears from laughing so hard. Loved that scene! Subs tryin’ to be Dommes…freakin’ hilarious! I want to find my AYW-ID! This Is Who I Am is another magnificent addition to the Masters of Shadowlands series, and I can’t wait for more. Damn you Cherise Sinclair for always leaving me with wanting more!
“As long as you realize that I’ll bitch slap you if you give me that ‘you’re better off without me’ bullshit.”

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  1. Thanks for the review _ I have most of the books in this series on my kindle but i haven’t had a chance to read them yet – I know I’ll be adding this one to my tbr too!