Series Spotlight & Review with Eliza Gayle

Sins and Sweets
Sweet Submission
Eliza Gayle
Contemporary Erotic Romance
*ARe Best Seller*
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Who knew a rose could hurt so good?
Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for Harper Allison and her cupcake bakery. She’s not personally interested in the trumped up holiday until she receives an anonymous gift with explicit instructions that include a rendezvous at the most upscale BDSM club in the city.
From the moment Alex lays eyes on Harper at the Glass Kat Club he wants her. And what Alex wants Alex gets. He formulates a plan with his best friend, one guaranteed to fulfill Harper’s unspoken desires and hidden fantasies.
Unfortunately for Alex, one night is all Harper is prepared to give. Her life is complicated enough without having two Doms pushing her to submit, no matter how incredibly sexy they are. Until the familiar voice of a stranger reminds her…Maybe she doesn’t know Alex at all. 
“Tonight, you’re mine to use as I wish.”
This brilliant novella certainly packed a punch! My eyes were glued to the pages all the way through. Eliza knows how to keep a girl captivated that’s for sure.
Imagine your deepest, darkest fantasy comes true. You are just living your lonely mundane life and suddenly you receive flowers from an admirer with strict instructions. Next thing you know you are at a club being dominated by two SEXY AS HELL Doms. They are worshiping your body and captivating your soul. Well that is just a Saturday night for me, but for the rest of you novices, it is experiencing PURE BLISS!  
Having to set aside her submissive side for her vanilla husband was difficult. Alex brings out the best submissive in her, but can Harper take it past fantasy, and make it her reality, or is one night enough? Alex can’t stop thinking about the woman he saw across the room at the club. He noticed the response she got from watching the scenes. Alex wanted to be the one to fulfill her fantasy. He will awaken the beautiful submissive and make her HIS.
“If I only knew. But it doesn’t matter. Call it lust, call it chemistry, whatever. I crave you, baby.”
Loved it to pieces! Seriously, this was a great read, and all I can say is I wanted MORE! There was great chemistry between Harper and Alex. The sex scenes were off the charts hot, and Alex was demanding yet gentle….the perfect Dom in my book!
~*~ Review copy given by author in exchange for an honest review ~*~
Reclaiming His Submissive
Eliza Gayle
Contemporary Erotic Romance
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After fifteen months of blissful submission in the arms of her Master, Harper Allison fears the honeymoon period of their relationship is over. In the midst of their last scene several weeks ago she blurted out the three little words Alex wasn’t ready to hear. Now he’s finally summoned her to his penthouse apartment and she’s decided there’s no choice left for her but to ask for her release.
Alex Woodman has been making plans. His life is complicated and his desire to keep his business and family separate from his life with Harper is closing in on him. To gain the commitment he desires something has to give. When his feisty submissive removes her collar without his consent, his need to set things right goes into overdrive and leads to a thing or two that might be considered illegal in the state of New York.
One of these days Harper will learn that what Alex wants—Alex gets.
You’re mine. Mine to protect. I want your life to be perfect. That’s what you deserve.”
Reclaiming His Submissive was a fabulous follow up to this novella series. Emotional, Intense, and heartbreaking, but so worth it!
It’s over a year later and Harper is right where she wants to be, right by her Master’s side. After a not so perfect scene, Harper worries that her Master is pulling away from her. She decides that Alex should let her go, her Master should release her, but Alex has other ideas. Alex tries to keep his personal life away from his professional and that includes family. Alex didn’t have loving parents, he had nannies that looked after him. His parents didn’t deserve to meet his Harper. He didn’t deserve Harper, but he will damn well try to be the best Dom for her and show her that she isn’t going anywhere. He gets what he wants.
“His woman. His submissive.”
This one had my heart beating out of my chest. It was emotional and gut wrenching. I was constantly wondering what Alex was going to do next, and when I found out, I couldn’t help but smile. These two compliment each other so well, it’s ridiculous, and the sex along with the dominance was beautifully intense and moving. I still find myself wanting MORE Eliza. How about a story for little ole Jeremy?
“It’s like a fairy tale. If I wake up tomorrow and this is some kind of dream I’m going to be really pissed.”

~*~ Review copy given by author in exchange for an honest review ~*~

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