Spotlight: Tom Covenent

Wives Awakened
(A collection of erotic short stories)
April 1, 2013
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Life begins at forty and fifty is the new forty! This collection of six erotic short stories looks behind the closed curtains of suburban middle England, uncovering a red hot world of passion and desire. ‘Wives Awakened’ blows away forever the myth that middle age and middle income means the end of the female libido. Husbands beware, inside that elegant demure exterior, a cougar may be lurking; if she escapes, your life may never be the same again!
Amateur Porn Wife
When their son’s work colleagues come to call, they find Frank and Carol prepared for a Friday night of passion. After watching a TV channel dedicated to amateur porn their visitors convince them that they could do better. Soon it’s lights, camera – and action!
A Greek Orgy
It was the first time he had seen her go topless on the beach. He never imagined it would be like this!
Walking in the woods
To escape the boredom of a Bank Holiday a couple decide to take a walk in the woods. Another couple may have had the same intention, but their walk turns out to be far, far more interesting.
A Husband’s Tale
His wife didn’t know what dogging was, but she does now!
A MILF Exposed
She went along to support a project, only to find she was the project.
Coming out
A fetish shared is a fetish doubled.
Fallen ~ Part 1
The Princess of the Fall
February 16, 2013
Erotica, Menage/Multiple Partners
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Tammera is the Princess of the fall, deeply bound to the season that brings fruit and fire to the forest.

Instinctively, she knows that this particular autumn is a pivotal point in her life. Now is the time for her to bear the fruit that will continue her people’s unbroken line as supreme rulers, the power in the land.

Once again, she and her childhood mount Silfana set out for their morning ride. But this time she uses the ancient magic of the fall to slip unseen from the castle, this time she will not return without gathering the seed that will give her a child and her line an heir.

Her path to the place of bountiful inception is intercepted unexpectedly, apparently by chance, she stumbles upon a dwarf and his companions. Her ride has left her aroused, the interruption leaves her prematurely unfulfilled. Upset by the words and eyes of the intruders, she flees in confusion.

Returning later to recover Silfana, she finds herself unable to resist forbidden fruits.

Is the corruption of the Sovereign line the natural consequence of the random nature of a fickle fate, or are darker forces at work?

This is the first part of the Princess of the fall series, ‘Fallen’.

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  1. I have read both of Toms’ stories and I enjoyed them. I loved the short stories and hoping there will be more. Great for a quick erotic read to fill your need. Then there is Fallen so much different from his short stories, this story has a lot of depth and visual beauty. He makes you see exactly what he sees and into a world that once was. Silfana encounter with the misfits leave me wondering what will become of the Princess. I cannot wait till the next installment comes out. Very erotic.