Review: He Loved Me Not by Rhed Draven

He Loved Me Not
Rhed Draven
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Publisher: Horny Devil Publishing
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Fifteen years have passed in a blur, leaving Christina still cold towards the place where she grew up. But when her little sister graduates, and the excuses run out, she has no choice but to return to a childhood home riddled with painful memories of him…

Ever since Christina left without a single trace, Bryce has crossed every boundary in a bid to be close to everyone connected with her in the hope he would finally get some answers. That day never came… until now.

She’s back, carrying the mother load of secrets. Will this ground breaking rollercoaster of events designed to send them into oblivion bring them closer together or succeed in being the final thrill ride they ever venture on.

“I needed you, and you deserted me.”
Returning to her hometown was the very LAST thing that Christina wanted to do. If it weren’t for her family, she would still be back in her own life in NYC, with the past still behind her. The very LAST person she wanted to see ends up being her ride home from the airport, Bryce a.k.a her past!
Bryce never forgot about his Chrissy. After years and years he still wanted her like no other, but she has a chip on her shoulder roughly the size of his own. They each have different views of the past and of what happened between them. Christina has secrets, MAJOR secrets! Bryce wants answers and he wants them now. When they air out all of the dirty laundry, is there connection strong enough to forgive or will it just push them farther apart?
“I let you walk away once. You won’t get away from me that easy this time, Chrissy.”
With this being a debut story for Rhed Draven, this was a fantastic, entertaining read. To have He Loved Me Not start off with amazing hot sex on the hood of a car, well now, isn’t that enough to have you itchin’ to read this? Yeah, I thought so! The main characters, Bryce and Christina have a great connection going on and you can just feel the sexual tension coming off the screen. The storyline was unique, and the characters were pretty well developed. When Christina spilled the “secret,” I though it was taken pretty lightly by Bryce. I think people in that similar situation would have had stronger emotions towards the truth, or be a little bit more upset, but as you can tell from the beginning of the story Bryce is a pretty laid back guy, so he took the information in stride.
After hearing the secret that Christina kept, I was like “Oh Shit” how the hell can they come back from that? I was extremely happy to find out that their love was still strong enough to get through anything, and that even though they wasted all that time in the past, they were looking at a hell of a future. Well done Rhed, and I can’t wait to see what you have for us in the future.
*A review copy was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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