~*~ RomCon 2013 ~*~

Hi Everyone! Since RomCon 2013 in Colorado Springs, Colorado was my very first Romance Book Convention (yes, I was a virgin) I wanted to share my FANTASTIC journey with you!
My FABULOUS weekend started off with the meeting of 3 of the most down to earth, beautiful ladies! My favorite bunk mates: Angel Payne, Isabella LaPearl, and Jenna Jacob! I am hitting myself right now because we never got around to taking a picture together! GRRR! Next time my friends! Our time together consisted of trying to find a fucking Wal-Mart, loading up on “breakfast items,” eating fantastic Chipotle, and putting naughty items in gift bags. I wanted to Thank You guys for making my first trip to RomCon fucking awesome! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! I miss hanging out with you girls already!
When I wasn’t learning the “ropes” in BDSM 101, passing around a lube covered dildo in a musical chairs game, or trying to throw a ring over a giant blow up penis, I was meeting and chatting up my FAVORITE authors! OMG! I had SEVERAL fan girl moments that I will NEVER FORGET!
Cherise Sinclair
Eliza Gayle

Fiona Archer

Gena Showalter

Lexi Blake

Shayla Black

Sylvia Day
I KNOW RIGHT?!?! Amazing! I want to thank these authors for taking the time to spend so much time with us fans and for making our RomCon experience such a great one! Meeting these authors was like meeting a celebrity for me, and to actually sit down with them to discuss their books, their life, upcoming projects…it was just unreal! I ALSO met some fantastic ladies from the BLOGGING WORLD that were there when I needed them. I would have been lost without your help. THANK YOU!
AND………I loaded up on TONS of SWAG!!!!

RomCon 2013 was one of the best couple of days that I have had in a very long time! I CAN’T WAIT to go to the next!
*Has anyone here ever been to a romance book convention? Did you make it to RomCon 2013? Feel free to leave a comment about your experience. *MWAH*

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  1. I have been to two officially, and one for just a day. I love going to Lori Foster’s RAGT every year. I have the best time ever there. It’s my go-to convention every year.

    Last year, I attended Authors After Dark in New Orleans. I had fun there as well.

    Went to RT last year, just for the weekend to meet Cherry Adair. Wasn’t fond of the convention, but, meeting Cherry was great.

    One day I will try to attend RomCom, but it’s so far away from where I live, and I don’t fly.

    Loved meeting so many authors I love to read at the conventions.