Spotlight: Robin McKnight (Devil’s Boudoir Series)

~*~Congratulations to Robin McKnight on her New Release SECRET LOVE~*~
Robin McKnight is an author at Horny Devil Publishing who enjoys both the challenges that writing presents as well as the creative outlet it provides. Initially, her writing career was restricted to oratorical speech writing, but her passion for plot and character development and the desire to see romance and intrigue blossom on the page led her to pursue fiction instead. After a year of writing for various social networking role play troupes, she has finished her first published works and is excited about starting a new chapter in her writing career. Originally born on Groton, Ct’s naval base, she’s lived in Texas since grade school, and after overcoming a number of obstacles, and coming out stronger, is now focused on both writing and raising her son with a deep love of the written word.“Striptease” is her first published fiction story, but she is looking forward to continuing to write and publish romance and erotica far into the future.
Devil’s Boudoir Series
~*~ Secret Dom ~*~
Book 1
An incredibly traumatic break up leaves Rissa wondering if love has deserted her until she’s cast into the forbidden memories of a distant past.

Seeing the opportunity to win over the only woman he’s thought of for years, Evan’s methods may be unorthodox, but he needs to know if she is willing to take a chance.

When a series of letters and gifts from a ‘secret admirer,’ who seems to know far too much about her begin to appear, she fears a crazed stalker is after her. In a world of turmoil, and depravity, only a leap of faith can save her, but will she jump?

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~*~Secret Desire~*~
Book 2
When he finds himself alone and down on his luck, Deacon reaches out to the one person he knows has no reason to help him, but knows she will because she is a good person. She does more than help him, though, when she introduces him to the one woman in the world strong enough and dark enough to show him his deepest desires.

Domme Eve never keeps a sub, or a man, longer than one night, but when Deacon walks in to the store on Rissa’s heals, everything changes. Could he be the one worth breaking her own rules for? Desires run deep, but secrets run deeper. Will love be enough to free their deepest desires?

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~*~ Secret Love ~*~
Book 3
A formidable force to be reckoned with, Myles D’Kent runs the Iron Cuff, while enjoying all the subs the club has to offer.  Self admittedly he is not your forever kind of Dom until a red haired beauty captures his undivided attention, turning his whole world upside down.

Arianna Marshall knows from the very beginning that Myles is, and has always been, the other half of her heart.  A secret keeps them apart, because she can never reveal it, even if it means losing him forever.

As their time together comes to an end, will their love survive?  Or will his stubborn pride end up costing him the one woman he has ever loved or will the secret tear them apart for an eternity?

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