The Arrangement
Cleo Taurus
~*~ Release Date: July 16, 2013 ~*~

Maggie thought life as she knew it was over, until she met the dark and Challenging Master Joe. He alone was able to give her what she needed, and with a sure and steady hand the two came to the perfect arrangement for them both. But Joe had secrets of his own, a darkness that Maggie couldn’t break through. When something happens that throws them together, will she be able to tear down his barriers? Will he be able to make her understand who and what he is?
“He wanted her love, her body, mind, and soul.”
The Arrangement by Cleo Taurus is a story about an unlikely pair, both with pasts they would like to forget, find that without knowing it, they can heal each other and make each other whole again. This is a story of heartbreak turned to passion, sorrow turned to happiness, and lust turned to love. I bet you will not make it through this story without shedding any tears. God knows I certainly needed a few tissues with this one.
“She actually stopped breathing for a moment, the endless seconds that her body was no longer her own, but fully under his command.”
Us romance readers are all to familiar with two “perfect” people finding their way to each other and living happily ever after. What happens when you have two imperfect people that end up finding each other? PERFECTION! When you read what Maggie and Master Joe both went through before they found each other, it will completely break your heart. It’s so incredibly sad, and yet so real, their circumstances could happen to anyone. I think that’s why I found myself wiping tears from my eyes, because Cleo has you connecting with these characters on some deep level, that you can’t help but feel for them, fell the sadness from the past, feel the love and adoration from just touching each other. I gotta say, I love an emotional read, and this one takes the cake! Beautiful, heartwarming, sensual story. A BIG Thank You to the author for taking me on a passion filled, emotional ride!
“All I care about, all I want is you.”

*ARC provided by author*
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