Series: Mastered, Book 3
Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance

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He can’t say he wasn’t warned…

From the moment he’s cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention, Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued. With her tight dress, flowing hair and honest dialogue, what could be more perfect than a few hours together?

Sydney Wallace fears only one thing—being tied down. She lives for adventure and fun, including the occasional BDSM party. By always scening with different Doms, she avoids emotional entanglements that might complicate her life. A man who owns a ranch and has roots deep into the soil is definitely not the kind of Dom she wants to play with.

Sydney has never met anyone as complex as Master Michael Dayton. From the moment he issues his first command, she knows he’s different. He watches her reactions, sees what she wants, and unselfishly gives her what she needs. Getting involved with a man like him would be the biggest risk of her life, crossing over all of lines she’s drawn to protect her way of life.

After the first night together, Michael realizes he should have heeded the warning. But it may already be too late…

Sierra Cartwright is one of my favorite BDSM Erotic writers. When a novel has her name on it, you just know you are in for a sexy, emotional, mind-fucking treat! OVER THE LINE is book 3 in her Mastered Series, and it did not disappoint.
“It seemed he wasn’t satisfied with her just offering her body unconditionally to him. He wanted more.”
Sydney was born with the adventure bug. Both of her parents were adventurers and she kept up with that way of life, trying to never stay in one place for too long, no attachments, just her against the world. After her previous Master tried to change who she was, she never wanted to submit to anyone emotionally ever again. Sure, she could hang out at The Den, have some Dom spank her and get her off, and go home alone, no commitments, no emotions, just satisfying a craving was all it was ever supposed to be, until Master Michael came in to the picture and turned her cravings in to something MORE…
“You have all the power, Sydney, if you’d just realize it.”
Michael Dayton was a sexy cowboy who knew what he wanted. He ran Eagle’s Bend Ranch with all his heart and soul. After a bad divorce, and most his inheritance down the drain from trying to keep the family ranch, he vowed to NEVER compromise with anything or anyone ever again. Ignoring his fellow Dom’s at The Den, he sees Sydney and immediately goes to her, he wants to figure her out, he wants to PLAY with her. Master Michael feels protective towards her, and no matter the rumors that she is a “hit it and quit it” sub, he has major plans for this brat.
“This, what she had with him, was what she’d been seeking.”
Sydney and Master Michael have amazing chemistry. It’s this palpable sexy back and forth between them that just makes you smile. This was an amazing journey for the both of them. With Michael, it was him learning to compromise and realize that not all women or subs are the same. With Sydney, it was her learning that she can be this independent, thrill seeking, woman AND have this amazing, protective man take care of her needs, without sacrificing who she is as a person. To watch these two finally break down their walls and let the other in, was a beautiful thing to read. Not to mention the sex and the scening was hot as hell. When Master Michael gets in to a scene, he is this intense, passionate, caring Dom that knows what he is doing and does it REALLY well. The fact that he was a cowboy on top of that, my god, you have yourself a winner!
“Here’s my promise to you, Sydney. I will try my best to be the Dom you need so you can be the sub you want to be.”
What did you think of the review? Have you read any of Sierra’s Mastered Series? I’d love to know your thoughts…
You have GOT to check out this SERIES….
Expected Publication Date: August 16, 2013
It was bad enough that Maggie had to spend the days with her boss and nemesis. Now to find out he’s a Dom at her favourite place to play?

Maggie Carpenter needs an escape from her everyday life and her overbearing boss. David Tomlinson has ruined her life and career by acquiring her family’s business and tying her to an untenable employment contract.

So she and her girlfriends head for an evening at the Den to explore their wildest fantasies…only to find David there looking ridiculously sexy in a leather vest with a set of handcuffs attached to his belt loop.

David is just as shocked to find his spitfire employee at the Den. He leans against the wall, watching, unable to wrap his mind around the idea that the woman who constantly challenges him might be a sub. But when another Dom approaches her and she casts her gaze down, he sees another side of her.

His reaction to the submissive Maggie is immediate and sizzling hot and so is the unwelcome jealousy he experiences. He’s always had a strict no-fraternisation rule, but he’s determined to have her in his cuffs before the evening is out, despite the dozens of reasons he shouldn’t. He wants Maggie surrendered to him, in his cuffs, literally as well as figuratively.

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