T.L. Reeve
On The Set Series, Book 1
January 6, 2013
Horny Devil Publishing
Without a dime to her name, Jamie has no place to call her own. Struggling and desperate, she answers a studio call, failing to mention the very small fact that she has zero experience. What’s the worst that could happen?

Lovers, friends and rulers of the almighty porn industry, Trevor and Vance are inseparable until the unbelievable intervenes On The Set.

Unsure, they are all thrust into a winding spiral of carnal desire for other peoples’ viewing pleasure. When the camera starts rolling and the lights are on, an insatiable lust that crosses all boundaries ignites as the trio lays claim to each other in the rawest of ways.

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BEHIND THE SCENES by T.L. Reeve was a delightfully sexy read. I loved pretty much everything about it. The unique storyline, the interaction between the three main characters, and of course, the unbelievably hot sex scenes.
“She was theirs.”
Poor Jamie! She was a down on her luck woman just trying to find a job. Who knew that job would be in the porn industry. OMG! I didn’t read the blurb before reading this book, so I was out of this world happy when I found this out. I actually could not stop smiling the whole way through. After being hand picked by the producer, Jamie is thrust in to this delicious world full of sex and the two most gorgeous men she’s ever seen. She gets to have sex with both of them! Hello…HELLA jealous right now! Jamie is a little insecure and she misreads everything the guys say, which frustrated the HELL out of me! After a little push pull from all three, the magic finally happened and it was extremely sexy. 
“She never expected to be between these two men, but she knew there was nowhere else she’d rather be.”
I loved the relationship between Trevor and Vance pre Jamie and post Jamie! You could tell that these two were completely in love with each other, had each other’s back, and wanted what was best for one another. I loved few instances where Vance had to put Trevor in check when he was being an asshole. The dynamic between the two was tender and loving, yet pretty hilarious as well. This was a great start to what I suppose is going to be a fantastic short story series. I hope to revisit these characters some more in the stories to come.
*Review copy provided by author*
T.L. Reeve
On The Set Series, Book 2
March 5, 2013
Horny Devil Publishing
Security guard extraordinaire, Bobby, loves the perks of his job. When an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, he signs on the dotted line.

In desperate need of a new dynamic duo, Heather’s brother, Nathan, agrees to help her. But when catastrophe strikes, the danger levels spiral out of control, and no one is safe.

A mysterious criminal hellbent on revenge lurks, waiting for the perfect moment when he will deliver his own justice. Will they band together and foil his plan, or is life only for rent?

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Yay Bobby! I was so hoping to get more out of the quite security guard! T.L. Reeve delivered another short, steamy, erotic romance with RENT BOY! Keep them coming my friend!
“You make me feel…” he took a shuddered breath,”…alive.”
This one came with a little danger. I loved that. With a spot opening up in the industry, Bobby is presented with this rare opportunity that has him more than willing to sign on the dotted line. Upon meeting his coworker, Nathan, Bobby could not have had a better, hotter, sexier, partner. Nathan agrees to help out his sister and boy is he glad he did. Bobby was SEX ON A STICK, in a uniform no less. The instant attraction that these to men had was amazing. Not only was it intense, dirty (in a good way), and sexy as hell. There were parts of gentleness and affection that was a beautiful thing to read.
“I don’t think I can let you go, Bobby.”
“You don’t have to, I’m all yours.”
Just when you think they will have there happily ever after, danger lurks around every corner. That’s right folks, now don’t get all crazy but there is a CLIFFHANGER! I know how much us readers LOVE cliffhangers, but we can deal! I can’t wait to see what happens and to discover more of these great characters that T.L. Reeve has brought to life.
*Review copy provided by author*
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