ARC Review + Guest Post: Steal The Light (A Thieves Novel) by Lexi Blake


Steal The Light (Thieves #1)


Lexi Blake

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When  dealing with demons, the devil’s in the details…

Stealing mystical and arcane artifacts  is a dangerous business, especially for a human, but Zoey Wharton is an  exceptional thief. The trick to staying alive is having friends in all the  wrong places. While having a witch and a werewolf on the payroll helps, being  partners with a vampire really opens doors.18136771

Zoey and Daniel were childhood  sweethearts until a violent car crash took his life and left her shattered.  When Daniel returned from the grave as a vampire, his only interest in Zoey was  in keeping her safely apart from the secrets of his dark world. He has vowed to  protect her, but his heart seems as cold as the night he calls home.

Five years later, a mysterious new  client named Lucas Halfer offers Zoey a fortune to steal the Light of Alhorra.  The search for the Light leads Zoey into the arms of an earthbound faery  prince. Devinshea Quinn sweeps her off her feet, showing her everything the  supernatural world has to offer, but Daniel still calls to her heart.

As the true nature of the Light is  revealed, Zoey discovers Halfer is a demon and much more than money is at  stake. Per her contract, she must give him the Light or spend an eternity in  Hell. What’s a girl to do except fight for her soul…and her heart.



I remember the time when I first fell in love with reading. I picked up a huge hard cover book that was on sale at Barnes & Noble and it was an intriguing cover and it read, GUILTY PLEASURES by Laurell K Hamilton. I wanted to have something to read on a long plane ride back to Florida. I started the book thinking that I would quickly get tired and fall asleep (I HATE FLYING, by the way) Well, let’s just say after reading the first chapter I could not put it down and I went straight through that series with no stops in between. That is when I fell in love with reading. I tell you this story, because the feeling I got when I started the Anita Blake series, is the same feeling I got when I started STEAL THE LIGHT by Lexi Blake. Pure bliss, pure contentment. Lexi is so spectacular at creating these worlds that you just never want to leave. She creates these characters that you want to hang out with. Whether she’s giving us an extremely hot ménage scene, a sexy suspenseful spy story, or a wonderful urban fantasy, Lexi Blake WILL keep you captivated until the very last page.

STEAL THE LIGHT is Book 1 out of 5 expected in Lexi Blake’s brand new urban fantasy, paranormal romance series THIEVES. I’m not going to lie, when I found out she had this series coming out, I was a bit nervous. I am so used to the ridiculously hot, beautifully kinky, suspenseful erotic romances that she gives us. Lexi Blake, Urban Fantasy, these just don’t go together, do they?


I am now convinced that Lexi Blake can write a story about a pencil and hit it out of the ballpark! Seriously, give her any genre, and she will make it happen! Ok, enough of that. Let’s get down to business!

“I’m tired. I want to die. I can see the light, but does Zoey Wharton let me walk into the light? Hell, no. She has to go and find a tiger to piss off.”

What do you get when you put together a sexy vampire, a punk goth witch, a fabulous gay werewolf, a gorgeous faery prince, and a human with a daddy complex? Perfect chaos! I got tons of emotions off of this book. One minute I was gripping my kindle a little too tight because of all of the twists and turns this book took, the next I was laughing so hard at some of the witty banter between the characters. I even found myself shedding a few tears throughout the story, and when you get this girl to get angry, laugh, and cry all in one sitting, I think you might have a winner in your hands!

Even though this is an Urban Fantasy book, it’s still a LEXI BLAKE book, and therefore by definition there HAS to be an amazing, sensual, and beautiful love story behind it all, and of course a bonus, if it includes more than 2 people! *WINKS*

“Do you have any idea what you look like to me now? You’re so fucking bright, I want your light, I want it so bad. I want to take you, and I want to feed, Zoey. I want to drink until I have my fill, and then I want to fuck you, sweetheart. I want to fuck you so long and so hard you’ll forget that there was a time I wasn’t inside you. I want to possess you. I want to bend you to my will until you’ll do anything I ask. Until you’ll die for me.”

You will instantly fall in love with Zoey, Daniel, and Dev! These three are amazing, complicated characters that are brought together by some pretty crazy circumstances. Full of suspense and wonder, STEAL THE LIGHT will not only keep you on your toes and have you wondering what will happen next. It will transport you to a world where demons are dressed like they are from Wall Street, and even though a werewolf is gay, he will still rip your throat out, and no matter how sick and twisted a vampire might act, he will still always be the sexiest man in the room! Well done Lexi! Congratulations on a fantastic start to what is going to be another great series, and Thank You for reminding me why I fell in love with reading!


*ARC provided by author*



Thieves and fussy babies – how my career really started at 4 am

So why change genres, Lexi? You’re known for romantic suspense. Why would you want to go into Urban Fantasy? It’s a question I’ve gotten several times since I decided to put out Steal the Light (Thieves Book 1).  I’ve become known for contemporary erotic romance. Though Steal the Light is set in day Dallas, it isn’t a world my spy guys would recognize.

Urban fantasy and paranormal romance are kind of where I started when I decided to seriously write a few years back. I grew up in a geeky household. My dad loved science fiction. I grew up watching Star Trek and The X-Files and Doctor Who. I actually have some very sad fan fiction from my teenage years concerning the good Doctor.

When I was in my late 20s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer showed up on TV. I was hooked and Joss Whedon is still my hero.

So when I looked to write something serious, it wasn’t so surprising that I turned to my comfort food. I still read a ton of paranormal romance. I adore Larissa Ione, J.R. Ward and Kresley Cole. I’ve been a Laurell K. Hamilton fan forever.

When I gave birth to my third child, I decided to give the writing thing a real go. I think the idea for the book came to me in the haze of a pre-dawn feeding. Zoey and Daniel popped into my head. A thief and her long lost love trapped in a cycle of sadness and the job that finally breaks them free. An earthbound faery prince named Dev who comes between them. A gay werewolf best friend and a punk princess witch.

I would feed my daughter and then lay her in her bassinette and sit down to write. Steal the Light was my four am novel, written mostly between that time and dawn when the house would wake and I would be a mom again. But for those few hours, it was easy to give up sleep because I lived that novel. I transported myself to my own world. I remembered what was beautiful and good and fun about writing. When I finished it, I discovered I didn’t want to leave the world and started Steal the Day at four am the next morning. And so it went for five books. I would end one and begin the next. That first year of my baby girl’s life was split between real life and my waking dream. When I finished the series, I knew I couldn’t stop. It had taken me thirty-eight years to do it, but I had become an author.

It took another four years to be ready to publish Thieves. I started the Sophie Oak brand and then branched out into Lexi. I learned a lot during the time and I’m still learning every day, but this felt like the right time to share this world of mine.

I no longer write at 4 am, but when I dream, I still come to this world again and again.


♥Coming Soon♥

Book 2, in the Thieves series – STEAL THE DAY

Out October 2013!!!

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  1. Love the interiew and the book description. Can not wait to read this series. It’s got a little bit of everything thrown in.