ARC Review: UNDENIABLE by Indigo Sin






Trent Carpenter is on the verge of giving up, after a series of consequences ruins the bright future he once had.

After being transferred to a new location for work, Hazel Penske thinks it will just be another routine stay until a ghost from the past appears, complicating everything.

In a maelstrom of passion, they must overcome wrongs and make amends if they want to grasp any semblance of a future together. Secrets will be revealed, but can they handle the truth?




Who knew that one little word coming from the lips of a ridiculously gorgeous, rugged man with long hair and piercing blue eyes…wait a minute, what was I saying? Sorry, I was daydreaming of Trent…again! Back to my thought 🙂 Who knew that one little word could make your palms sweat and your heart race, and make you have the urge to do anything that man says! I know every time I read it, it makes my heart leap out of my chest. Indigo Sin creates these beautifully damaged men that just melt your heart. She knows just what to write to make you swoon, and believe me I did A LOT of swoonin’ while reading UNDENIABLE!

“Her scent, her kindness, her beauty – she seeped into his soul like a peaceful fog, calming the raging beast residing there.”

See what I mean? Major SWOON Factor! I just loved this story. It’s one of those love lost, love found again stories that just keeps a smile on your face the entire time. In UNDENIABLE you just know in your heart that Trent and Hazel will find their way back to each other, but you are still riddled with anxiety when someone *cough* Trent *cough* acts like an ass and pushes Hazel away, claiming it’s what’s best for her. Grrrr…that drove me crazy! I wanted to slap him silly!

Once again Indigo Sin has a hit on her hands. If you have read her stories before, I do not have to tell you that UNDENIABLE was also incredibly EROTIC and SEXY as hell! I am always on the look out at what she has coming up, because I know I will never be disappointed.


*ARC provided by the author*


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