Welcome to the first stop on the Bind & Keep Me Blog Tour! I am extremely excited to have the incredibly talented Cari Silverwood on my blog today! During this stop you will get to read an exclusive explicit excerpt, find out Cari’s method on writing hot sex scenes, read my review of Bind & Keep Me and enter a fabulous Giveaway! Let’s start off by showing off this SEXY AS HELL book cover…

BookCover-1350x900BIND & KEEP ME


Cari Silverwood

Book 2 in the Pierced Hearts Series

Genre: M/F/F, BDSM, Dark Erotic Romance, Capture Fantasy

Release Date: August 30th

How far would you go to protect your love and your life?
When two deaths turn his world upside down, Klaus must wrestle with a problem that goes soul deep. With Jodie it was capture fantasy but now he’s made the fantasy real, dragging her along as his accomplice. No one should feel so good about something so wrong.
Maybe his soul is darker than he feared. Maybe the rules shouldn’t apply to him.


♦ Glossary of US and Australian terms ♦

In the interests of not jerking most of my readers out of the story with some unfamiliar word usages, I opted to sometimes use the US word instead. However, since I completed the book, I’ve been told by many American readers that they’d rather I use the Aussie words.

I’m not entirely convinced. Since I think I have far more American fans than Australian, I may still be tempted in Book 3, “Make Me Yours, Forevermore”, to use some American terms. If you want to tell me otherwise, feel free to pop a comment on my facebook wall.

This example is why I hesitate:

Klaus put on his thongs and strolled out the door to take his daily walk on the beach.

US word vs Aussie

Cell phone = mobile   US term used in the story

College  = University or Uni   Australian word used

Dishcloth = tea towel   I used the US word

Flip flops = thongs   This was explained in the story

Cooler = esky   US word used with the Australian word

Popsicle = ice block   US word used

Shrimp = prawn   This was explained in the story

Spatula = egg flip   This was explained in the story, and it’s a regional Australian term that isn’t used nationwide, I think

SUV = Four wheel drive   US word used

There may be others I substituted but missed seeing. I have become so used to doing this in my stories that it’s almost automatic. I have also used US spelling throughout. Though this book is self-published both of my earlier publishers, Loose Id and Lyrical Press, used US spelling.


“I’m not yours.” Her answer was quiet and tremulous.
Such bravery in the face of overwhelming superiority.
I stopped with my palm pressing her upper back down onto the mattress. Enough pressure that she could feel my strength, enough so that she tensed and then, as I didn’t relent, she gave in, her head lowering, her body quivering. Was she a true submissive? I was fairly certain she was.
“You’re pretty, beautiful even. Desirable. Fuckable. I scare you because I like pain more than you can comprehend. I’m not going to kill you. I’m not going to carve off your flesh and eat it. But, little toy, I am going to hurt you more than you think you can take.” 
She froze in the middle of inhaling. I smiled and grasped a big handful of those dark locks just above her nape. I levered her head back until she was arched and her breasts were no longer concealed beneath her. So I took one in the grip of my other hand. “Mine,” I whispered. “You’re mine whether you fucking want to be or not.”
I squeezed both her breast and the fistful of hair, and I leaned down to look into her fear-darkened eyes.
“You need to learn not to be afraid of pain,” I murmured. “And you know why?”
She swallowed and I felt her endeavor to shake her head. Long strands of her hair fell across her face.
“If you lose that fear of pain, you will lose some of your fear of me. Not all, some. I’m not your nemesis, girl, I’m just going to be your master.”


Cari Silverwood never ceases to amaze me! She captured me almost instantly with her first Pierced Hearts book Take Me Break Me, and then pulled me right back in with Bind and Keep Me! Quite frankly, I’m emotionally exhausted, in a good way of course. Bind and Keep Me definitely puts your heart and your mind through the ringer once or twice. Cari Silverwood showed me how beautiful and how twisted dark erotic romances can be, and she has set the bar on this specific genre.

“We cannot be the same after this. I can’t tell if this is me rising to the occasion, or descending into Hell. If I could take back what was done tonight, to you, I’d sacrifice myself to whatever fucking god I could find, but I can’t”
We first met Jodie and Klaus back in Take Me Break Me, the deliciously dark erotic book 1 in the Pierced Hearts Series. We are reunited with this couple, and I was delighted to see that they were still going strong with their fascinating and sadistic relationship. I am not usually the type to love this darker side of BDSM and capture fantasy, but the way that these characters burrowed themselves inside my soul and showed me that not only was what they had completely off the charts erotic as hell, but it was THEIRS, and it was beautiful and intriguing.
“Let me see your darkest thoughts, your deepest desires. I want the very worst of you as well as the very best.”
Bind & Keep Me was extremely well written. Sometimes it’s tough to follow along when an author puts in the POV of multiple characters, but in this case it worked brilliantly. This is the type of story that is so emotionally charged, that you just have to know specifically what each character is thinking and feeling at the time. It would have drove me nuts if I only got to hear Jodie’s POV while Klaus was the one truly struggling with his thoughts. I can’t really explain why I am so in LUST with Klaus, I mean I should be fucking scared of that dude, but reading his POV and knowing deep down he has these urges he is trying to control, and when he talks about his Jodie, my heart drops, because even though he can’t say the words, you can tell he is completely in love with his pet. Let’s be honest, a Dom who is fighting with his emotions, which makes him all dark and scary and makes his palm twitchy = a TOTAL TURN-ON!
“I tried to fight how that made me feel, like I was his.”
The element that made me all emotional in Bind & Keep Me was the addition of the third player, Stephanie. I struggled with this at first, because I’m not sure what direction the author was going to take on this threesome. This could have got real ugly, real fast. But the fact that we got her POV and witnessed the struggles that Steph was having with her emotions, played a big part on why this was such an intriguing read for me. The relationship that grew between Stephanie and Jodie was incredibly beautiful. A different side of Jodie came out around Stephanie, a little Domme perhaps. That was the right direction with those two, because if Jodie didn’t have the upper hand with Stephanie, I don’t think that these three could work. Seriously, I want to go through this entire book with you because I loved it so damn much, but then I will start spilling spoilers, and I don’t want to do that. I will say, that you definitely need to read this series in order starting with book 1 Take Me Break Me. This sets the foundation of Klaus and Jodie’s relationship, and to understand it, you have to know what they went through.
To have this book as a TOP PICK for me was an easy decision. When an author can transport you to a place where you are not fully comfortable, but can still captivate you so much that you don’t want to leave, is an incredible talent. Cari Silverwood has impressed the hell out of me and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. I just want to warn you that this is not a typical romance that you usually see me review on this site. It’s dark and a little twisted, it’s sexy and disturbing, but I guarantee that you will find a part of yourself in these magnificent characters.

5*ARC provided by author




This is an article I wrote about how to write sizzling hot sex scenes. This is a fairly ‘mechanical’ description of how to write sex, in that it has steps. I still think it’s essentially correct though I no longer tend to break down my sex scenes as I write. I think however if you’re new to writing sex it is a good way to begin. As you write more and more of these you forget the structure and the scenes tend to flow from your imagination once you have your characters in place.Here goes…hang onto your panties 🙂


I’ve cobbled my own method and style together from what others have told me, and from what I’ve read, but not all of it was from reading about sex scenes. I’m going to add my own slant on things here, because if I don’t I may as well just send you off to another’s link. You may disagree with what I say, but then everyone does it a little different. Sort of. So much sex, so many permutations.


1.)    Sex doesn’t start in the bedroom. If you want it to zing, your people have got to want to be there, doing it. I’ve seen authors bemoan having to write sex into their stories. I’ve seen erotica authors say how sick they are, how bored they are, with writing sex. Sex scenes shouldn’t be gratuitous, they need to be there for a reason — plot or character development preferably. This IS erotica though, and character development is a pretty fluid thing. Bottom line — if you want it to be hot enough to leave scorch marks on the sheets…or walls, you, the author need to feel as if it should be there. For whatever reason. State of mind is EVERYTHING.


2.)    Sex is not some fill in the dots picture, it’s an active event. Body grinding against body. Sweat trickling between breasts. Cardiac arrest level heart-pumping action. To me that is the key: Action. Things are moving, people are feeling, thinking (in the earlier stages anyway 🙂  ) I’ve always loved writing action and I tend to SEE what happens in great detail with action and almost go slow motion. That’s what you need with sex scenes. If you think you do action well, you are on the right path — apply that skill to sex. Great detail helps. Every so often try going really really detailed. Pick something that’s a tiny thing most authors might not put in often, if you can, or SEE a movement, a way the two people interact that’s different in some way. The stubble on his face scraping her butt cheeks. The dribble of sweat at the corner of her eye being licked away. The dragon tattoo, at the small of her back, being outlined by his tongue. So, are you seeing in great detail? Good. You also need to remember to BE there. No, you are not just a voyeur sitting in a chair watching. You are one of those people. Switch between them if it takes your fancy — though be careful how, as doing it more than once is fraught with difficulty. The reader needs to identify and empathize with the person having sex. If you’re not there, how can they be? You are in their Point of View (POV), possibly even more than in most parts of a story. Feeling embarrassed yet? It can be. When I saw that I had gotten a contract for Three Days of Dominance and that I could go on to write more erotica I got quite embarrassed. People would READ (OMG) these scenes I’d written, and they are so intimate. But you have to let yourself go, and really think about what you feel during sex, about what your body does. Most of us are only one gender, I certainly am…so describing a man’s orgasm from inside his head, to me, is odd. But you can do it. Ask people. Read other’s descriptions. Okay, so sex is action. What sort of action though? Simple? Maybe. Write action in the sequence it happens. Got that? Oh, and substitute him/ his below, if you want to. Remember internal thoughts are part of the action. Now here is where I learnt from what Cherise Sinclair has said, and she says she got this from Morgan Hawke…LOL. I’m paraphrasing here, in my own words. I already could write sex, but reading this description made me realize why some actions happen in the order they do, and helped a lot. We are living creatures, we have nerves. Strictly according to how our bodies function, this is the order things happen: a. His Action — he kisses her breast. b. Her Reflex action (ie reaction) Think of this like the instinctive knee jerk from tapping the knee. Eg. Her areola puckers up. Nipple peaks/ crinkles (LOL some hate that term) tightens/ hardens etc Maybe she gasps or makes some other involuntary movement — her eyes widen, she shudders, whatever. These are all uncontrolled reactions, or close to it. c. The mind gets involved next. Again involuntary or almost but in internal dialog. Like an OMG in the head. The Yes! in thought. Lord. Jesus. Fuck. Hell, yeah! Those sorts of short, exclamatory terms. At the same time you can put in sensations — what you smell, feel, taste, see and hear. d. Mind again. Only here we have her thoughts that she’s actually processed and to a degree, been logical about. Should I be doing this? Lick me there again, James! Why didn’t I paint the ceiling beige?Whoops, bored character alert. Do something else, James! e. Her thought-out reactions. ie Things she does deliberately. She moves her body closer, puts her arm around him and hauls him closer, twists her hands in the ropes and wants to touch him but can’t (oh, yes, I do write BDSM), kicks him in the balls. Dammit, James, I told you to get creative. Or she says something. “Turn out the light, James.” Or, “Turn on the light, James. I want to see it when you shove that big throbbing shaft of manhood in my…” Whoops, purple prose alert. f. Back to him and he does, says something, and we’re off on the next round. Just remember to stay in the POV of the person you are inside (not that sort of inside — inside their head.) You do not, cannot, hear the thoughts of the other person (s), unless you have a character with a telepathic ability. I tend to use all sorts of anatomical terms in my descriptions, you don’t have to, but it is a little more likely to get repetitive if you only have one term for the pussy, vagina, cleft, cunt, slit etc. Now. Important. You do not have to, and should not, put in every single one of the above actions and thoughts every time. Mix it up. Just keep to the right timing sequence.


3.)    Next: Ingredients should vary. If you think the sex you’re about to write is boring, maybe you should (a) be using different ingredients, and (b)be writing about something that does turn you on. Get creative with your ingredients, and this includes that pre-sex background build-up I already talked about. Sex isn’t paint by numbers. I write BDSM because it thrills me, pushes my buttons. It also lets me create all sorts of marvelous situations that would never happen with vanilla sex. Every sex scene should be unique in some way. It should NOT be Bill and Dora get on the bed in a missionary position and go at it like rabbits. Sex is not generally, precisely choreographed. Though you should have some idea as to what they’re going to get up to before you write it, the people and where they are, what they have on hand, who is around them — all these introduce variables. Start writing and go with the flow, to a degree. See where they take you. You may be pleasantly surprised.Even better, see where YOU take you. Remember, that’s you in the scene, albeit with some character add-ons that might not be you. Those character quirks should always be there too, in the back of your mind.


4.)    I repeat what I said above. Write what turns you on. It helps a lot. Don’t try to write something that makes you go ick or leaves you yawning. If you do start yawning, something is wrong. Rethink, rewrite. If your own writing isn’t getting you all hot and bothered, something needs changing. Only panties need changing if you’ve written a hot scorching sex scene.


5.)    Second last of all, your general writing skill will affect how these scenes turn out. Watch the rhythm of your words and sentences. Don’t just use short sentences. A bit of poetry in motion never hurt as long as it’s not ‘purple’. Experiment with words a little. Just because everyone else says the head of a man’s cock is purple and mushroom shaped, doesn’t mean you have to also. Don’t start every sentence with ‘he’ or ‘she’. With sex scenes this is a really easy trap to fall into. I know I do it still.


6.)    Last of all. Get someone else to read what you’ve written. You’d be surprised what someone else can pick up that you’ve missed. This, of course, applies to all writing. EXCERPT from Lust Plague. I almost used one from Bind and Keep Me but this book has less scenes I can easily use like this, so Lust Plague it is. At least this is close to dubious consent!


Sten reached from behind and captured her hand, then the other one, crossed them at her back. The hard leather of the leash wound round and round her wrists, making a firm, inescapable bond, that…she realized, connected her hands to the collar about her throat.


“Go forward.” He propelled her to an upholstered bench positioned before the window. Cadrach stared through the glass at her as she was forced to her knees by Sten’s heavy hand on her shoulder.


He was going to fuck her. The revelation pummeled logical thought into some lost realm. She wanted him so much the need thudded hard into her like a pounding hammer, hurting her, consuming her. If he stopped now, she would beg. Tears sprang into her eyes, though whether from lust or shame or plain frustration, she didn’t know, didn’t want to know.


“Head down.”


At the mere presence of his finger on her neck, she lowered her head obediently. Her forehead was cushioned on the seat. Weight balanced on knees, her ass still hurting, she poised there, waiting. The red velvet upholstery filled her vision. She heard the soft huff of her breath, the thump of her heartbeat, the hiss of cloth sliding down his legs and being kicked aside.


Helpless. Mmm. Her muscles below contracted. She had to stop herself from wriggling.


His body covered hers, heavy, pushing her hands into the middle of her back, pulling the collar onto the front of her neck so she had to arch. His forearms came down on either side on the seat; then he brought them in closer, hugging her shoulders, caging her tight, ever so tight. Yes.


“Comfy?” He nipped her ear. The little dose of pain spiked to her nipples. Kaysana shuddered. “Now. I want the truth. I think, if I read you right, that you can’t hold back. You’re wide open, aren’t you, woman? What is going on in your head?” Another nip, then a lick. She held her breath.


No. Won’t, can’t say.


He shoved her knees apart, jolting her. Then one arm lifted from her side, and she felt him part the leather skirt…and the head of his cock slipped, pushed into her wet slit enough to make her moan. Nearly…there. She squirmed to try and make him penetrate her.


“Too far gone to think?” He chuckled, hugged her again between his forearms, viselike. “I’m not moving till you answer. Do you like what I do to you?”


Ack. Her thoughts flowed like a swamp in summer. She knew what she should answer. No. The truth was easier, though. Far easier, and saying it felt like the first drop of fresh rain on an upturned face. “Yes.” His vise grip on her tightened more until she could barely drag in air. Ohh. “I…do.”


“Good. Second question, do you want me to fuck you?”


She groaned. Her clit throbbed. Everywhere throbbed. How many times had she been almost brought to orgasm? Yet…would this be begging?


Say yes, stupid. “Yes.” She shifted her legs, moved her bottom the tiny amount she could. “Please, fuck me.” And that was definitely begging. But she didn’t care anymore, not at all. She was so wet, so hot she felt a rivulet of moisture run down her inner thighs.


Sten growled and pushed into her, slow and steady. Sensations muddied, and she couldn’t tell what was where. Only that he was taking her, filling her, and she could do nothing except bear it. A spasm of her muscles brought a hiss to her lips. He stopped, waited.


“Take it, Kaysana,” he murmured. “I’m going all the way in. I’m going to screw you until there’s no way you can say you’re not mine.”


 *Now, if I’ve broken some of my rules, please don’t tell me. Authors can be grumpy bastards and throw things.


Early praise for Bind and Keep Me:

“Bind and Keep me, leads you down a depraved path full of dark desires that you know are so wrong, but feel too good for you to care. Cari Silverwood makes losing what we all cherish—our freedom—sinfully erotic.” – Bianca Sommerland, author of Deadly Captive

“Enthralling and seductive, BIND AND KEEP ME brings the taboo into our basements and locks us inside. A must-read for lovers of dangerous erotic fiction.” – Skye Warren, author of Wanderlust

flourishauthorbio27Cari Silverwood writes the way the world should be – dangerous and sexy with bullets piercing the darkness and lovers wrenched close by ropes. When you need escape, when you need that rough lover to bring you to your knees, here you will find stories to singe your fingers. The taste of adventure, the tang of BDSM, the burn of fantasy run wild. Brace yourselves, if you dare to read.



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  1. The passion, the dedication, the trust, and depending on which role is being played, the surrender or the feeling of power by domination, but knowing that the sub is what makes you powerful. I also like the spankings. A little bit of pain and pleasure to know you are still alive.

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    Thanks for the giveaway, look forward to reading this!

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