The Demon’s Forbidden Passion
Zoey Williams
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne
Publishing Date: August 1, 2013


A battle rages within Ethan Phillips. By day, he’s a sexy firefighter saving lives in his community. At night, he’s a half-demon enraptured by carnal desire. And on this night, after a harrowing rescue dredges up memories of his tragic past, Ethan’s hunger is stronger than ever.
After turning to Tina Driscoll for one night of passionate release, he tries to keep his distance. He knows the curse that followed him into adulthood will mean dire consequences for the gentle, compassionate nurse. But each time he tries to tear himself away, the flames erupting between them only intensify….
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The Demon’s Forbidden Passion by Zoey Williams was paranormal romance at it’s best! I mean, can you really go wrong when there is a GORGEOUS, charming, demon, firefighter in the mix? I don’t think so. God, I love paranormal romance! It has always been my favorite genre and it has been a while since I have read a really good paranormal and this just hit the spot.
“For the first time in his life, a fire had shaken him. But she had shaken him more.”
Instant Chemistry! If done right, it can be a FANTASTIC thing of beauty, and Zoey Williams made it happen between Tina and Ethan! The passion and desire between the two were off the charts and I LOVED it! Even though this was a novella, it was pretty well fully developed. It is amazing that an author can put so much in such a short story. I connected with the characters right away. With both of them having such broken pasts, I immediately sympathized with them, and then I rooted for them in the end. This had a great storyline with little bits of suspense that had me turning the pages faster and faster wondering and hoping what will happen next. The Demon’s Forbidden Passion had a great ending with a little AHA! moment. This was a great read with some VERY steamy scenes in it! If you like your stories with some HEAT, you will not be disappointed. I look forward to reading more from Zoey Williams.
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Zoey Williams was born and raised in New York. She graduated from NYU with a degree in writing and nutrition and currently works in the publishing industry. When she’s not writing, she enjoys travelling, yoga, hiking, and annoying her tuxedo cat, Rini. She loves to hear from readers, so feel free to interact with her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@ZoeyWilliamsAu)!


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