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Wicked Lovers 7.5 by Shayla Black

Dangerous Tides 1.5 by Rhyannon Byrd

Release Date: October 1, 2013


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There are men—and then there are MEN. Ones who protect and pursue…who demand and desire…who know what they want and unapologetically take it—in life and in love. Now, USA Today bestselling author Shayla Black and Rhyannon Byrd team up to deliver sizzling stories of suspense and seduction, as two women let their longings loose—and go head-to-head and body-to-body with the men who ignite their passion…

Wicked All Night by Shayla Black
A sweet school teacher who changed towns, jobs, and lives after her divorce decides to take a lover. She hooks up with a bodyguard whose talents under the sheets make her melt. Until she learns that his motives are just as dangerous as they are wicked…

Make Me Yours by Rhyannon Byrd
After her father is murdered, a woman finds herself next on the kill list—and forced to reconnect with the one man who can keep her alive. And as danger stalks her, she’ll surrender herself to the lawman whose every touch leaves her breathless and exposed…


Wicked All Night by Shayla Black

Wicked All Night by Shayla Black is #7.5 in the amazing Wicked Lovers Series. I can’t get enough of this series. Shayla Black is the queen of writing the PERFECT DOM! Decker McConnell is no exception. I am so happy he got his own happily ever after. Even with his cheesy pickup lines, and when I say cheesy, I mean CHEESY, he can still make a woman melt right in front of him. And that includes a certain elementary school teacher. When Rachel meets this gorgeous guy at her birthday party, she owes it to herself to get back in the game and just have a one night stand with this sexy MAN! Oh boy! She has no idea what she is in for, and neither does Decker. Rachel isn’t the usual type of female he goes for, but one dance on the dance floor and he is hooked, he will do anything, and kill anyone that tries to harm a hair on her head.

“God, you taste so fucking sweet. I want to devour all of you, but I can’t stand to stop kissing you.”

Coming out of a horrible marriage with a douche bag that thought sex was a fuckin’ chore, Rachel wanted, no she needed to have control. Well, going up against a god like Decker, a natural Dom, that is going to be a little difficult. Decker finally breaks through her walls and shows her how to let go, how to just feel. When her ex husband Owen shows up at her door, that’s when all hell breaks loose and the heart pounding suspense begins. Secrets unfold, lessons are learned, and sizzling sex ensues! What more can you ask from a Shayla Black book?

Make Me Yours by Rhyannon Byrd

Make Me Yours by Rhyannon Byrd is #1.5 in the Dangerous Tides Series. This is also my very first read from Rhyannon, and I have to say the minute I finished Make Me Yours, I was on the computer searching for Book 1 in the series Take Me Under. This can definitely be read as a standalone, but believe you will want more of these characters. When we first meet Scott Ryder, he is dripping in sweat and in a foul mood. This former Black Op had an uneasy feeling for weeks now, and he is about to come crashing in to the reason for that feeling. Ryder and Lily’s first encounter, let’s just say I had to read the scene over and over because it was THAT HOT! Jesus, to have me panting in the first chapter, you definitely have me hooked!

“I like the thought of doing everything with you Lil. Every raunchy, dirty, explicitly sexual thing you can think of. There isn’t any part of you that I don’t want to violate and own.”

Ryder and Lily have a past. A past where they had chemistry but they wouldn’t act on it. Ryder would always have excuses to not lay his hands on Lily. She’s too young, too innocent, and her father was his boss. Finally, he had to get away, he left her with no explanation at all. Years later, she stumbles back in his life because she needs help, the only kind of help that Scott Ryder can give her. A horrible ghost from both of their paths are after Lily, and he will stop at nothing to protect what’s his, and Lily is HIS! Make Me Yours has a ridiculously hot sex scene that is going in my Top Ten! Let’s just say that the location of this scene is on a Porsche, outside, where anyone can see! I know! HOT right? That scene alone would have Rhyannon Byrd on my authors to watch list for sure!

Shayla Black and Rhyannon Byrd are the dynamic duo of scorching hot reads! Wicked and Dangerous was a fast paced, addicting, sexy thrill ride! It was a perfect combination of steamy romance and sizzling suspense! Definitely a must read!


Source: ARC provided by the authors



With the VERY TALENTED Shayla Black…

Pickup lines: The Good, the Bad, and the Really, Really Bad

Being on the receiving end of pickup lines is often an eye-rolling experience. They range from horrifying to nice to hysterical. When used appropriately, a pickup line is a great ice breaker. Seriously. What a great way to introduce yourself by making the other person laugh. That’s the tactic Decker, the hero of my newest Wicked Lovers novella, Wicked All Night (in the Wicked and Dangerous anthology) takes when he tracks down a woman he’s never met, whom he knows is in danger. He realizes that he has to keep her safe…without alarming her. So what’s an ex-CIA agent to do? Here’s a snippet:

Rachel Linden fixed her gaze across the room at the man staring her way, standing between the two suits. Her jaw dropped before she forcibly snapped it shut. Holy cow! Between the alcohol and the press of bodies, she was overheated. But he made her shiver.


Military-short black hair capped off his angled face, covered by a healthy two days’ growth of beard. His eyes remained hidden behind a pair of aviators that rested on top of chiseled cheekbones. His black shirt nearly busted at the shoulder seams. Under the short sleeves, his biceps bulged. The soft cotton clung to every valley and ridge of his pectorals and abdominals.


He was a man with a capital M, the sort who made a woman swallow her tongue. The kind her mother had warned her about. The type who’d starred in her fantasies. And the one she wanted sliding against her skin-to-skin now. Dark and bad, yes . . . but those big hands and muscled forearms alone said he’d be oh so good.


Just looking at him, Rachel had trouble breathing. Every inch of him was hard. If she’d had a fantasy in the flesh, he’d be it.


A tattoo—Asian writing maybe—drifted down his veined forearm. Dog tags hung from his neck. The little smile curling his lips was somewhere between an invitation and a challenge. And he was staring directly at her.


The bottom fell out of her stomach. Normally, she’d shy away from such a man. Aaron, the fifth grade social studies teacher, had asked her out a few weeks ago. He was polite and had kind brown eyes. He’d mentioned a local theater production that sounded interesting. That was her speed. This man in front of her . . .


“He looks good enough to eat. And to lick, slurp, suck . . . Damn, girl!” Shonda, one of the art teachers, murmured in her ear.


If you’re going to dive into a meal after starving, why not start with the juiciest one you can find?


She glanced at Shonda’s dark skin gleaming under the dim house lights and faintly flashing colored strobes. “Is it my imagination or is he staring at me?”


“Right at you, like he thinks you’re a tasty snack. Go on now. Talk to him.”


And say what? Hi, I haven’t had sex since I divorced my ex over a year ago, and I’ve never had it as down and dirty and sweaty as I’ll bet you could give it to me.


“Maybe he thinks I work here.”


Shonda snorted. “Maybe you’re insane. Jarelle is an awesome fiancé with enough freak in bed to keep me smiling, but hell . . . If I were single, I’d be all over him like paste on wallpaper.”


Rachel laughed. Leave it to Shonda to tell it like it was. And to be right. Rachel had to admit that she’d never know what could be if she didn’t try to talk to Mr. Tall, Dark, and Hot.


She turned back toward him, a welcoming smile in place. But he was already leaving behind his two friends, wearing insanely expensive suits, and walking her way. No, “walking” was the wrong word. “Approaching” was too weak. “Looming” maybe? Still not right. “Prowling,” yes. “Stalking” sounded even more like it.


He tore off his sunglasses to reveal a stark pair of blue eyes, unabashedly roaming over her body with a heat that made her swallow. He kept coming at her, invading her personal space without compunction. Reflexively, she retreated. He smiled, then did it again and again—until her back hit the wall.


“Hi, beautiful.”


Mercy, the low rumble of his voice was sexy. Her knees quaked.


“Hi.” She breathed the word as if she couldn’t quite catch her breath.


He looked her up and down, obviously scoping her out. “Hmm, you with all those curves, and me here with no breaks . . . Damn!”


OMG, was that some sort of pick-up line?


“Um . . .”


If he’d intended to flatter her, he was headed in the wrong direction. She’d write him off, except . . . The black skirt Shonda had insisted she wear tonight had seemed stupidly tight—until she saw the appreciation in his gaze. That and his line, no matter how terrible, made her think that, maybe, he actually found her sexy. And she wasn’t interested in him for his conversational skills.


“Too much, huh?” he asked with a frown. “How about, there must be something wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off you.”


He was trying to pick her up—badly—but out of a bar full of pretty girls, he’d zeroed in on her. Would wonders never cease?


Maybe if she stopped focusing on her ex-husband’s litany of critical comments and started to believe that some men might like her as she was, curves and all, it wouldn’t seem so weird.


“Definitely too much.” She gave him a smile that she hoped looked sophisticated and wry, rather than giggly and excited.


“Oh, you like subtle. I got it.” He leaned closer and leered. “Hey, baby, you come here often?”


The most obvious pick-up line ever, and when he delivered it with a grin, she laughed. If this was his idea of starting a conversation, she wasn’t sure whether she should be annoyed or charmed against her will. But she was definitely leaning toward the latter.


“Never. This is my first time,” she admitted. “You?”


“Same. I was thinking that I hated places like this until I saw you. You’re better than a broom because you swept me off my feet.”


Rachel couldn’t help but laugh. “Right . . .”


“No lie, beautiful.” He winked at her. “Tell me, what’s your sign?”


Yield. If she were holding a sign, that’s probably what it would say because that’s kind of what she wanted to do for him. Oh, but she guessed that wasn’t what he meant.


“Libra,” she said finally. “Today is my birthday. And I’ll only keep talking to you if you stop with the pick-up lines.”


“Happy birthday! You mean I can’t ask you for a Band-Aid?”


She frowned. How had they gone from pick-up lines to Band-Aids? “I’m sorry?”


“I need one because I scraped my knees falling for you.”


Rachel tossed her hands up, shaking her head, and giggled. “Does this sort of thing usually work for you?”


He shrugged. “Don’t know. I never tried. You wanna tell me come morning?”

I also found a few “writing” related pickup lines.


Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call FINE PRINT!

There isn’t a word in the dictionary for how good you look.

Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie to my diary?

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.

Hi, I’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you?

Life without you would be like a broken pencil… pointless.


Okay, yes, some of these are just tragic. But they made me laugh. Hopefully, they got a giggle out of you, too.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite pickup lines?

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  1. I am a huge fan of both authors can’t wait to read this one. I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you is one of my favs its been used on me. LOL

  2. To be honest, I really don’t have a favorite pick up line..well except maybe…did it hurt when you fell from heaven. 😉

  3. Rhyannon Byrd is a new author to me, but I love learning about new authors and their books. And this book sounds great; looking forward to reading it.

    Favorite (just because it’s the cheesiest) pick up line: “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all evening” LOL

  4. Looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for writing it and sharing such wonderful stories!
    It’s been so long since I’ve heard a pick up line, that I can’t even think of a good one. Although, one that would probably always work on me (at least for a conversation) would be “Wanna grab a beer?” How the hell do you turn down beer?

  5. I have never been a fan of pick up lines, but if someone told me they would give me an orgasm that would send me to the moon, I might think twice.