ARC Review: Her Forbidden Affair by Rayne Bexley


Her Forbidden Affair


Rayne Bexley

synopsis28Private investigator Jackson Montgomery, for the first time in his career is investigating the last person he thought he ever would. Following his gut instincts, Jackson sets up surveillance in his own home and catches Jade his wife in the arms of her lover, one he never ever suspected. They say saving a marriage takes two, but what if it really takes three?


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Hail to the Queen of Short Erotica! Seriously, when Rayne Bexley writes something I’m going to read it, and I’m gonna read it ASAP! Her Forbidden Affair is chock-full of HOTNESS! It was a fantastic mix of romance and eroticism.

In short stories it is hard to connect with the characters emotionally, because you don’t have a lot of time with them, but in Her Forbidden Affair, I fell in love with Jackson instantly. He isn’t the typical “Dom personality” that I crave, but he does have a possessive alpha male quality about him, it’s just hidden most of the time. It comes out by the intense love he has for his wife Jade, or Jadie as he calls her. Even though Jade loves her husband with all of her heart, there still has been something missing. Some part of her not complete, and she finds this in her best friend Sydney. When Jackson finds this out (and when he finds out, it’s pretty hot) he doesn’t know what to think. He is turned on one minute, and devastated the next. He is completely in love with his wife, but maybe that’s not enough for her.

Her Forbidden Affair is a Rayne Bexley classic! Full of emotion and scorching hot sex, this gem will make you smile and blush a few times! Even if you aren’t a usual FFM reader, I think you will still fall in love with these characters and enjoy it immensely. You have another hit on your hands Rayne! Keep em’ coming!


4.5*ARC provided by author


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