BLOG TOUR: How Many Chances (Chances #2) by Beverley Hollowed

970283_485632054858503_1837032648_nHow Many Chances

Chances Series, Book 2


Beverley Hollowed


Having fallen head over heels in love with the handsome and very charming Cole Thomas, Ally Brody had her heart broken and her world torn apart. She feels lost, but is determined to move on and start her life a fresh. However, Cole still fills her every thought and she is finding it harder and harder to stick to her rule of no second chances. Cole is left a broken shell. He can’t think of anything but Ally and showing her just what she truly means to him. Can Cole prove to Ally that she is meant to be with him? Can Ally ever learn to trust Cole again? Can they start over and find happiness or will life keep throwing hurdles in their way….. How Many Chance does true love get?




“I love you,” he breathed against her mouth. Suddenly he moved above her and pinned her to the bed, his mouth claiming hers. She could feel the need in his kiss. She knew he was hurting and he was trying to deal with it the only way he knew how.

She wanted to talk but she knew he wasn’t ready. So she returned his kiss. She wanted him to know they were still okay.

“I need you,” he said hungrily against her mouth. “Please.”

“I’m yours” she whispered breathlessly back to him.

She kissed him harder, pouring every bit of hurt and pain that she had felt that day into showing him what he meant to her.

He broke his lips from hers and stared down into her face and all Ally could see was love staring back at her.

He reached down and, taking hold of the end of her dress he slowly slid it up her body and pulled it over her head. Never taking his eyes from hers, he pulled back the straps from her bra, each one falling down on to her arms. Then he reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, slipping it down her arms and dropping it to the floor.


“If life didn’t scare us, how boring would life be? We need the fear to remind us, we are still alive.”

How Many Chances by Beverley Hollowed is the amazing second installment in the Chances Series. I absolutely love this series, and I love these characters. How Many Chances was a story with so much heart and so much beauty you can’t help but crave more. Beverley Hollowed left us hanging in the first book No Second Chances, but she made up for it with this one that’s for sure.

“You are my life. You are the air I breathe. I need you with me every day, just to make this world a more bearable place. I love you so much, Ally.”

So many emotions in this story, good and bad. At the very beginning of this book, I was reminded how these characters left us breathless, and I remember how attached I got to Cole and Ally. With tears already forming in my eyes, I journeyed on already thinking that this story was going to take me for an emotional ride. And that’s EXACTLY what it did. No need to sugar coat this, the author brings up some real issues that could happen to any one of us in our relationships. When a reader can relate to the characters in the book, it just makes the story that much better, and I definitely felt that with not only How Many Chances but with the series as a whole. How Many Chances is an incredibly beautiful, touching love story full of passion, hardships, and desire. This is a must read, because I believe that you will fall in love with Cole and Ally just like I have.

5*ARC provided by the author

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I am Beverley, though my friends call me Bev, I am 38 years old and I live in Dublin with my Husband and 2 sons. I love to read and I love music. I has been writing as long as I can remember I released my first book in December 2012 called Forever and Always. My second book, No Second Chances (the first book from The Chances Series) was released April 29th….part 2 is How Many Chance will be released August 30th. My third Book A stolen Heart was released July 12th My New book, A Stolen Heart will be released July 12th. Some random fact about me…. I am a middle child, I have a fear of Mirrors, spiders and birds and I make custom Jewellery. I adore music and it is a big part of my writing.



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