Guest Review: Amends: A Love Story by Shanda Fisch


Amends: A Love Story


Shanda Fisch

Release Date: August 31, 2013

Genre: New Adult

Length: approx. 240 pages

HEA: Yes, after lots and lots of angst!

Rating: A solid R. Recommended for audiences 17+ for mature themes, profanity, and sexual content


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AMITY is a prickly high school outcast who dreams of a better life in college. A tragic accident puts her future on hold. When she attends an elite university three years later, she falls for Laird, the enigmatic son of a notorious billionaire. Soon she learns that Laird, who grew up just a few miles away from her home town, has a secret that could hold the key to her past and future. And she has a secret of her own.

LAIRD is devastated when he loses his mother at age eighteen. Shortly afterwards, he fights with his girlfriend on the way to a party, and they drive straight into a nightmare. They walk away from the accident, but the other driver isn’t so lucky. Three years later, Laird is still haunted by that day. When he connects with Amity, hoping to make some kind of amends, he feels something unexpected. And terrifying.

Will Amity and Laird build a relationship that transcends the past? Or will secrets, lies, and guilt tear them apart?


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Shortly after the funeral for his mother Laird Conroy and his on/off girlfriend Ember are in a horrible accident one night and a pretty nurse ends up dying.

Amity Dormer a young lady with a slight case of cerebral palsy, that gets teased and bullied all through high school is the daughter of that woman. The day of her mom’s funeral her alcoholic father dies as well. She is eighteen now and all alone. Her dreams of going to college are put on hold as she gets a job and Grandma moves in.

Laird is consumed with guilt over his part in the accident and keeps an eye on Amity for the next few years. He has a very strange relationship with Ember and just can’t seem to cut those ties. She keeps pulling him back to her using sex as a draw. Silly man.

Amity takes to being a stripper to save up money for her college dream. During this time she meets the creep Ethan. He has his own fiancé but still keeps harassing Amity.  She finally realizes her dream of college and ends up at the same school as Laird.

These two are destined to meet. They are thrown together time after time and have to fight obstacle after obstacle in order to see if they are destined to be together. Ember is stalking Laird, Ethan is stalking Amity, there are issues after issues that try to keep them apart.

The life struggles that this girl goes through puts the reader almost at tears quite a few times. We keep wondering when she is going to get a break, when she gets to find some happiness. She has grit, she has a strong character and perseveres to get her happy ever after. I enjoyed the writing style, I enjoyed the story, my only negative comment would be that sometimes the sexual encounters were a little too much, I would read another by this author and would give this book 3.5/5.


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