Guest Review: Starr Fated by G.E. Griffin

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Starr Fated
G.E. Griffin

Genre: Erotic Romance

Length: approx. 500 pages

Release Date: July 12, 2013

Source: Copy provided by author

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synopsis210When art student Seraphina Jones leaves her bag behind on a London tube train, little does she know this will change the course of her life. She initially brushes off the cute guy who comes to her rescue, but when he suggests a seemingly perfect solution to her problems, she decides to take him up on his offer.

For London School of Economics student Jamie Starr, returning the bag he discovers the gorgeous babe sitting opposite him on the train has left behind gives him the perfect excuse to get to know her better. Jamie is not used to rejection from girls, but despite his best attempts, Sera remains intriguingly unreceptive to his efforts.
Cynical wealthy businessman Liam Starr is certain Jamie’s good nature has been taken advantage of by a hard up art student. Liam doesn’t believe in any of that love or romance rubbish, and he’s determined that a pretty face is not going to take his gullible baby brother for a ride.
But first impressions aren’t always correct, and people aren’t always what they seem.
review2Seraphina Jones is a poor student paying her own way through college when she leaves her purse on the train. Lucky for her the man who returned her purse is a stand up nice kind of guy. Jamie Starr not only rescues the damsel in distress by returning her purse he also convinces her to rent the attic apartment in his house. He and his two roommates quickly become her good friends.

Jamie falls hard and fast for Sera, but she is a virgin who is happy to stay that way for now and does not feel that way for Jamie. He is patient with her and allows her time to get used to him thinking that she will soon return these feeling. He helps her get an unpaid apprenticeship at his older brother’s company so that she can do well in school.

Now things get interesting, Sera meets big brother Liam. After hearing Jamie talk about how demanding his older brother was Sera is ready to meet an overpowering jerk. Liam on the other hand is convinced that Sera is only living with Jamie because he has money and he is prepared to dislike her at first sight.  He may be overpowering but he does make her skin tingle. After finding her living in a non-heated attic with no hot water Liam realizes that she is not what he expected either. After a bit of bad weather and some sloppy work on the part of her co-workers Sera is given the chance to shine in her job setting. She begins to see Liam in a whole new light. He sees her in a new light as well.

The story is written in the first person but in the points of view from the three main characters. It was very easy to follow, and very easy to read. The author is simply amazing and the words seemed to flow easily and the pages just kept turning, almost by themselves. It was interesting to watch as Jamie thinks he is falling in love with Sera and see how Liam deals with the guilt and how he handles his feelings for his brothers supposed girlfriend. Now Sera does not have tingly feelings when she is around Jamie but she does realize that they are brothers. Liam is a bit of a Dom sexually who is used to changing girls every month so we wonder how that will play out with the virgin Sera.

I truly enjoyed this book. I knew going in that is what the first in a series and thought that I was mature enough to read it anyway knowing that they had all not been published yet. WRONG, I am eagerly awaiting the next book. Definitely a 5/5. Really enjoyed it.

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