Guest Review: The Nigerian Scam by Crystal Blue


The Nigerian Scam


Crystal Blue


Genre: Erotica

Length: 15 pages

Source: Copy provided by author






The year was 1969, the summer of free love and the first manned landing on the moon. Rebecca, a senior in college, pretty, blonde and just a little naïve, had met a graduate student from Nigeria, the first black man she had ever met socially. When she accepted his invitation to watch the Apollo 11 coverage and have a dinner of traditional Nigerian foods at his apartment, she never dreamed that his beautiful manners were just a scam and that forced seduction was on his agenda.

This is a short story with strong sexual content intended for mature audiences, over the age of 18.



Rebecca was a college student in 1969, going around braless and hearing about the first man landing on the moon when she meets Paul, her first black male friend.  Even though she is engaged to her sweetheart Johnny, he is away at war and she is finding herself intrigued with Paul. He has great manners and a sweet personality.

Hoping to try some new ethnic dishes she allows herself to be invited over to Paul’s house for dinner one night under the guise of watching the first moon landing. Paul, however, is not the nice guy he appears and the night soon manages to get out of her control. Even though she is not totally on board Paul says “I will not hurt you, I will not take you against your will.”

Soon begins the seduction of Rebecca.

This was a really quick read that was very well done. Both partners were willing, and totally enjoyed themselves more than once. For a forced seduction I found that Paul was still a gentleman and the encounter definitely became consensual. I was worried that it would be more violent but was pleasantly surprised. It was a cute quick read. Definitely the uber sexy dominant man seducing the sweet young girl.



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