Review: Loving Me, Trusting You by C.M. Stunich


Loving Me, Trusting You


C.M. Stunich

Triple M Series, Book 2






The Triple M Motorcycle Gang has a new president in Austin Sparks, the bad boy biker that swept Amy Cross off her feet. And nobody’s happier about that than Gaine Kelley. Now that his best friend has finally found the woman of his dreams, Gaine’s free to go after Mireya. But what if she isn’t ready yet? What if the demons from her past howl so loud she can’t hear him calling?

Mireya Sawyer isn’t ready for love. Not yet. Maybe not ever. Especially not when the one thing she’s always fought for is called into question. Triple M may not be a ‘real’ MC, but they’re posing as one, and there are people that don’t like that. People who can’t accept the way they do things and are willing to take the time to put a stop to it. With several rival gangs circling around, threatening the rights of the women in Triple M, Mireya knows it’s time to forget her love affair with Austin and move on. Thing is, Gaine’s not willing to stand on the sidelines anymore. He loves her, but can she trust him?





Loving Me, Trusting You by C.M. Stunich is book 2 in the Triple M Series. This story is tough, gritty, and sexy as hell. I’ve always been a fan of Gaine. He has this tough guy persona, but deep inside he is just a man in love with a woman who is unable to love him back, and doesn’t that just break your heart? He has professed his love for Mireya, he isn’t shy about it, but she continually shuts him down. So he takes her however he can. They will just have a “friends with benefits” deal until he can break down her walls and claim her as his.

“I’m in love. Never wanted to be, don’t even really know how much I like it now, but I can’t stop it. Love is an unstoppable force, a gale of emotions, pain and pleasure, joy and melancholy, ache and fulfillment. It doesn’t discriminate and it never stops. It never goes away. I got bit in the balls and I can’t pry off the jaws of fate.”

I gotta tell you, Mireya frustrated the hell out of me, in book 1, Losing Me, Finding You. In book 2, she grew on me, and all I wanted to do was grab her and give her a hug, tell her that everything will be okay. She has been through hell, and she is broken inside, that’s why she keeps telling (well okay, she keeps shouting) at Gaine that he doesn’t want to love a woman like her. Mireya is a tough chick. She can hold her own, this is her battle, and no matter what anyone says she doesn’t need help from no one.

“I’m going to say this one time and one time only, Gaine Kelley. The day I surrender my heart to you is the day the earth crumbles into the sea.”

No matter how much these two pushed and pulled at each other, no matter how many times they screamed at each other, it just made the sex that MUCH BETTER! You got to love a little angry sex! Mireya could deny, deny, deny, but the passion and chemistry between these two was off the charts. Not only did Loving Me, Trusting You keep me up at night all hot and bothered, it also sucked me in to the story, and kept me engaged and excited the whole way through. Action packed, smart, bold, and gutsy, the Triple M’s are here to stay, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this group that has latched themselves to my heart.





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