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Aleatha Romig

Series: Consequences, Book 3

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Contemporary Dark Romance

Release Date: October 8, 2013


There were still lessons to learn and consequences for the truth!

When Claire Nichols met Anthony Rawlings, she didn’t know they had a past, or that he had plans for her future. Over time, the role of teacher changed—games became reality—and domination turned to desire. Despite an insurmountable history, Claire and Tony found their way back to one another.16150996

Just when they seemed to have it all—love, respect, and the promise of a family—the game master exposed the truth. Claire’s world once again spun out of control. Unwilling to allow her child to suffer the consequences of an old vendetta, Claire fled…

At one time, Claire was held captive in an opulent mansion—then her incarceration was a cell inside a state penitentiary. Was her new prison—a tropical island—truly less lonely? Perhaps that was the game master’s plan, all along?

Who will save Claire from her oldest nightmare and her newest reality? Will it be Tony? Can he forgive her for leaving him—again? Harry? Will he utilize previously unknown connections to save the woman who infiltrates his thoughts? Maybe Phil? Will his devotion in keeping Claire and her child safe be rewarded?

As the cards are played—sins of the past, innocent victims, and truths are revealed. With compartmentalization no longer an option, is the reality too much? Could there be an even worse isolation?

With the game master dealing from a stacked deck, can this new high-stakes game possibly be won?

When it’s all over and their cards are on the table—SOME will discover their bets were too high—they have nothing left to lose—ALL will learn the crucial lesson—the most important rule—there are CONSEQUENCES for the TRUTH!

Aleatha Romig’s CONVICTED!



 “What we fear is what we do not know. When something is cloaked by the darkness of uncertainty, it’s a mystery.”

The Consequences Trilogy by Aleatha Romig is one of the best series out there! Convicted is the third and final book in this beloved series, and I loved every freaking minute of it. I loved the ups and downs, the highs and lows. There was nothing I didn’t like. Perfection! Yes, that’s gotta be it. This book and this entire trilogy was pure perfection. If you do anything this year, if you read one thing in your life, it better be this! Okay, can you get the hint that this book was AMAZING?! Convicted was on my CAN’T FUCKING WAIT list this year, and I screamed like a little girl when it arrived in my inbox. I can’t tell you how much this will mess with your mind. If your mind wasn’t blown in the first two books, well, this one should do it for ya! Aleatha Romig is fucking brilliant! I can’t tell you how many times I had to pause while reading this and say “What the hell?!” I get worked up just thinking about it! Ok, deep breath! Let’s get on it with it, shall we?

“Was happily ever after even obtainable?”

Spoiler Free Reviews are SO incredibly hard to do. I just want to shout from the roof tops about every single Holy Shit moment that happened. But I won’t, because I, my friends, am a professional! One of the genres of Convicted is Dark Contemporary Romance. The final installment definitely wasn’t as dark as the last two, but shit still hit the fan in Convicted. I mean, there still were no rainbows, unicorns, and puppies in Convicted, but there was LOVE. Pure love, tough love, heart-breaking love. Emotional, gut-wrenching stories that cut straight to your heart and yanks it out of your chest. THAT is what it’s all about. THAT is why I am a HUGE book nerd and proud of it. Sometimes life just disappoints you, but you can always go back to these stories and get transported to a world that’s not always pretty, but fascinating to say the least.

I would like to say a few words to the two characters that have taken a piece of my heart.

Claire – I am amazed by your soul. Events that would absolutely obliterate a human being, you always pull through and only grow stronger. I wish to be half as strong as you are someday. I look up to you in so many ways, and I only wish you the greatest happiness in the world, because you deserve everything that’s good.

Anthony – You son of a bitch! Why do you make me love you, then hate you, then love you, then hate you again! It’s so frustrating. I bet Aleatha had a hell of a time writing you! She did you justice though. I have to say that you have grown the most. Even though you constantly were asking for an ass beating, you understood your wrongs and you were fighting through them for her, fighting to change for her.

Convicted was full of secrets, lies, and deceptions, but it was also full of redemption and revelations. You all know that I LOVE my love stories, but there was just something about this love story that surpassed all others. Bravo Aleatha! I bow down to the queen of dark romance!



Source: ARC provided by the author



♥ Character Interviews ♥

**Caution…these Character interviews contain spoilers, if you have NOT read Consequences and Truth**

A Series of Interviews in response to my 2011 Article about Anthony and Claire Rawlings which appeared in Vanity Fair

By: Anne Robinson

I met with Anthony and Claire Rawlings in their home for a Vanity Fair interview in February of 2011. On that cool February morning, I met with who appeared to be a loving newlywed couple.

Flash forward…now it’s October of 2013, and the world is discovering that all was not as it appeared. My Life As It Didn’t Appear by Meredith Banks, (which was originally scheduled to be released by Parrott Publishing on October 1 but has been delayed again due to legal battles) will eventually hit the market. The release is imminent and the snippet alone has revealed a peek into the depth of misinformation in my original interview!

My goal with these interviews is to attempt to set the record straight.

This time I’m not working with Mr. Rawlings or Ms. Nichols. Why? Because they are both missing!

Ms. Nichols was last seen September 4, and Mr. Rawlings was reportedly in a plane that made an emergency landing on September 21. He has not been seen or heard from since.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is more involved than a soap opera.  Over the next few days, I will be releasing my “unauthorized” interviews with friends, family, and employees of these two individuals and hopefully setting the record straight.

Please join me in learning the real story…what were these two individuals hiding from me AND from you in 2011?


In an attempt to get the most accurate information, I interviewed Amber McCoy and her brother Harrison Baldwin separately.

Here is my discussion with Mr. Baldwin. (Let me add, I’m damn glad I didn’t do this interview over the phone! Those were some of the prettiest blue eyes I think I’ve ever seen!)

Thank you for talking with us, Mr. Baldwin

Please, I’m Harry, and I’m happy to do anything to help find Claire.

Harry, please tell us about your relationship with Claire Nichols.

I met Claire when she came to live with my sister. We became friends. I haven’t spoken with her since she moved back to Iowa.

I’d love to clarify a few of your comments…can you define “friends”? I believe I’ve seen more than one picture of the two of you together while she lived in California. I think I even read that the two of you were living together?

Claire lived with my sister Amber. We all live in the same condominium building; however, we never lived together in the same unit.

There was a time when Claire couldn’t walk to the curb without someone taking her picture. Yes, we ate at local restaurants and were often photographed.  She was a fun person to be around, and we enjoyed one another’s company—friends.

And yet, as friends, you haven’t spoken in months?

My number hasn’t changed.

All right—enough said. Let’s discuss her past. Are you familiar with the book that is about to be published.

I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard about it.

Do you believe the information is true?

Since I haven’t seen it, I’m not sure. I know that her first marriage had issues.

“Issues”? Do you believe that Anthony Rawlings was abusive?

I only know what I’ve been told. With that information, I worry about Claire now. I’m concerned for her safety.

Ms. Nichol’s family seems to believe that Mr. Rawlings’ disappearance is connected to Claire’s. Do you agree?

I don’t want to believe that Claire would take off and scare her family after all they’ve been through. So, if she didn’t leave of her own free will, then I believe foul-play could be involved. It does seem suspicious that he too is missing.

How did Claire end up hospitalized before she moved back to Iowa?

She was attacked by a man. Security saved her before she was too badly hurt.

I believe I read that you were the hero who saved her.

I got to her only seconds before security. It was the guard who shot and killed the perpetrator.

Ms. Vandersol mentioned that Claire was pregnant. Do you know if that’s true?

I would assume that if anyone would know the truth about that, it would be Claire’s sister.

So, you’re confirming that she’s pregnant.

I’m confirming that she is missing and we need to do anything possible to assure that she’s safe. If what Emily says is also true, then we should all be more concerned, not just for Claire, but for her child.

Do you truly believe that Mr. Rawlings would harm his child?

I’m not sure what Mr. Rawlings is capable of doing. Thank you for keeping Claire in the spotlight. I must be going.

One last question, Harrison, are you seeing anyone new?

New? No, I’m not.

Thank you. (I almost asked him if he wanted to see anyone, and then I remembered I’m married!)


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  1. Great Review!! I’m so afraid to read some of them because I don’t want any hints before I read the book. I soooo would love to win a signed copy of any of the books in the Consequences series, however Convicted is the book I’m looking most forward to reading this year… 🙂

  2. I am almost finished my reread of truth so i can be fully ready for convicted in less than 2 days now! I cannot wait! As for as Anthony I love and hate him all at once!

  3. still debating. I’ve been waiting for Convicted to be released to read the series.. I started today and I’m 23% in Consequences.. still debating, but based on what I read so far.. do not like him!

  4. i havent read this series i have the 1st 2 books just waiting to completed it before i start,,im one of those that needs all the books before i start thanks you so much

  5. Ahh. Hate. Haven’t read Truth yet, which is apparently when everyone’s all Team Anthony. Can’t imagine not hating him for what he did so it must be good.