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dp tourWelcome to the Promo Tour for Delayed Penalty by Bianca Sommerland. Delayed Penalty is book 5 in The Dartmouth Cobras Series and it is the best one yet! Eeek! I’m so freakin’ excited to share with you my interview with the dangerously sexy Cortland Nash! Plus there is a fantastic excerpt from the book, my ARC Review, and don’t forget to enter the fabulous Giveaway at the end of the post!


All choices have consequences, only sometimes they’re . . . delayed.

Cortland Nash fled Dartmouth to avoid being arrested for murder, but his best friend, Ford Delgado, is in danger. Cort returns, prepared to keep his head down, and do whatever it takes to keep Ford breathing, but when he finds a beautiful young woman out in the snow, frozen in fear, his plans change. He needs to make sure she’s safe—even if the greatest danger is him.

Akira Hayashi never thought she’d overcome her fear of men, but the care of an experienced Dom helped her achieve so much more. She’s embraced her submissive side, and found her strength as the captain of the Dartmouth Cobras’ Ice Girls. There’s nothing she can’t do—except function when she’s mugged in a parking lot. The intimidating stranger who rescues her makes her feel things she never thought possible. The only problem is his connection with Ford, a man she’ll hate forever because she refuses to feel anything else.

With the constant threats from the crime lord he once called “Dad,” Ford Delgado has no room in his life for love. Unfortunately, Akira already has his heart—which is split in two when he discovers Cort is dating her. The betrayal has him lashing out, trying to move on, to grow as a Dom, and free himself from Kingsley’s criminal empire. He tries to forget what Akira means to him, but one look into her eyes shows him the last thing she needs is for him to let her go.

This e-book contains material not suitable for readers under 18. There are situations involving sex and violence and extreme emotions as a result. It also contains scenes that some may find objectionable, including BDSM and other rather enjoyable practices. As the characters are prone to exploring their sexuality, it is advised that readers be prepared to see some lines blurred. Or erased….

Author takes no responsibility for nonexistent lines. 😉

Author’s Note: The Cobras series has a continuing arc about the franchise, players, and previous relationships. Some plots continue through the series and may involve more than the main ménage. The series is best read in order.

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cobra1character♥ CORTLAND NASH ♥

The scent of motor oil hung heavy in the air, mingling with the smell of new tires and metal. Shayna walked into the garage, careful to keep close to the cement wall as sparks flew from where a mechanic was cutting up a car door. At the other end of the garage she spotted Cort, sliding out from under a pickup truck.

Damn, that man is fine. She had no idea how anyone could say he wasn’t as hot as any one of the Cobra men. Yeah, he was a bit rougher around the edges, but with his massive build, the bulk of muscles from hard work and the scars from a dangerous life. There were fine creases on his cheek as he smiled at her and he wiped his hands on his grease stained blue jeans before holding it out to her.

She smiled back, taking his hand, then following him into the office attached to the garage. Admired the hard curve of his ass as he grabbed a couple of Dixie cups from the water dispenser.

“I’d offer you coffee, but it’s pretty disgusting.” He handed her the cup of ice cold water. “Thanks for coming here for the interview. My schedules fu—damn crazy lately.”

Taking a sip of water, she nodded and sat on one of the metal chairs, waiting until he’d settled in another before starting with her questions. “Are you still working at the bar and the Forum? I would have thought things had calmed down a bit since Ford’s back to work?”

“I like keeping busy. Mr. Keane asked me to consult with the Cobra’s security team and that kinda led to me working with them part time. The bar ain’t really work—more keeping an eye on my boy so Cam has time to do other shit.” Cort scratched his jaw, looking embarrassed. “Sorry.”

“Not a problem. I want you to be comfortable during the interview, so speak like you would normally.”

“Yeah, been working on making my normal talk better—will probably help if I do end up going to trial.” Cort drained his cup, crumpled it, then tossed it in the big trash bin near the door. “Can’t answer questions about that though. Don’t mind if you ask about other stuff.”

“Fair enough.” She checked her phone for the questions she’d put in her notes app. Reading the first, she grinned. “All right, this one’s from Jamie. ‘What is it like for you to go from “love ’em and leave ’em” to “love her and share her”?’”

Cort blinked as he braced his hands on his spread knees. “Was like finding a girl who wanted more than a hard ride? I mean, guess you just meet the right person one day. I was never gonna meet the girl for me riding with my dad’s MC or working for Kingsley. Never expected to when I came back to make sure Ford didn’t get himself killed. And I damn well wasn’t expecting that girl to be the one my brother was already in love with.”

“So you always considered Ford a brother? Is that why you were open to sharing Akira?”

“I don’t like using that word. I mean, sure, technically we’re ‘sharing’, but she’s not like a car or a fucking power tool. She’s our woman and I’d do anything for her. I’d do anything for Ford too. No way in hell I was giving her up, but he was already in her heart, you know?” There was a tender smile on Cort’s lips, as though knowing Akira loved Ford was good. Special. “The two people who mean more to me than my own fucking life give each other so much when they’re not arguing about . . . well, pretty much anything. But that works too. They like butting heads more than they’d ever admit. I think it gets ‘em both off.”

Shayna didn’t doubt that in the least. She nodded and leaned forward as she moved on to the next question. “This one’s from Debbie. ‘Not being a man on a team, how confusing is it to have the same person referred to as both their first or last name at any given time? Do you automatically know that Ramos is the same as Sebastian, or do you have to use all of your senses to put it all together, or does it just flow that way because it is men talking versus women?’”

“I don’t find it hard. I mean, once I know what someone’s full name is, I’m good. People start calling Cam ‘Mason’ and I’ll get confused!” He chuckled. “Don’t see it happening though. I find when I know someone’s name, and whatever nicknames they’ve got, it’s just part of them. Only one I have trouble with sometimes is when people call Ford ‘Mr. Delgado’. He’s just been a Kingsley to me for too damn long. And most of the time he’s just ‘Ford’.”

“That makes sense. All right, this question was from Sarah to Ford, but I’m curious if you know what his answer would have been. Do you think he’d have been open to—” Not sharing . . . need another way to say it. “Letting you and Akira be together if the roles were reversed?”

The rough laugh Cort let out surprised Shayna. He shook his head and relaxed back into his chair. “Hell no! Ford’s fine with his sisters being in different kinds of relationships, but he never considered that for himself. All his plans for the future were about finding the right girl and getting a big house like Kingsley’s. Taking over the business . . .” The laughter faded from Cort’s eyes. “Being forced to make new plans, to see how wrong wanting to be like Roy Kingsley was—it made Ford a better person. I don’t think he’d have done all that if being with her had been too easy. She’d already made it hard for him to get close.”

“And it was even more challenging when she fell in love with you.”

“Yeah. And I know that hurt him, but . . .” Cort rolled his shoulders, smiling again. “We all figured it out, that’s all that matters now.”

“Very true. All right, last question, and I really hate to ask this, but . . .” Shayna wet her lips with her tongue. Just thinking about the question got her thinking about the loss and . . . her throat tightened and she gave Cort a small, grateful smile when he took her cup to refill it with water. “Thanks.”

He crouched down in front of her, his hand on her knee, his eyes shadowed with regret. “I think I can figure out what you’re gonna ask. He’s gone and . . . and I don’t care what anyone says, I deserve some of the blame. I can’t ever make it right, but I’m gonna do my best to give the team everything I can because I owe them for what I took for them. I owe them the truth too, but that would just hurt a lot of people. And I’m not gonna do that just to ease my own guilt.”

“It really wasn’t your fault, Cort.” Shayna put her hands over his, wishing there was some way to make him believe that. “I agree that no one needs to know what you were doing to protect Ford, but that doesn’t mean—”

“No one’s ever gonna know, but that doesn’t change what I’ve done.” Cort moved his hand, patting hers before straightening. “Last bit is off the record, ‘kay, sweetie?”

Shayna inclined her head, following him back into the garage. She glanced back at him as he escorted her to her car. “You know, I don’t know why people find you so scary. You’re actually a very nice man.”

Cort’s hand hit the door to her car before she could open it. His presence behind her was suddenly more than a little frightening, more so with his tone a low rumble so close to her ear. “You didn’t answer me.”

Taking a deep breath, Shayna turned to face him. “Are you trying to make me afraid of you? Will you hurt me if I post all this?”

His lips slanted a little. He stepped back and moved his hand. “I don’t hurt ladies. Akira though?” He shoved his hands in his pockets. “Be smart to be a little afraid of her.”

Back home, sitting in front of her laptop, Shayna looked over her notes from the interview. She typed everything out, tongue between her teeth as she read over the last bit. Then deleted it, ending the post with:

“We all figured it out, that’s all that matters now.”


Exhaustion had taken Akira the second she’d climbed into bed with Cort, but it was 5:00 a.m. and she was wide awake. She rolled on to her belly, braced her elbows on the bed, and smiled at the big man in the bed beside her. He let out a soft, sleepy groan and dropped an arm over her back.

She giggled as he picked her up by the waist and laid her over him. “I thought you were sleeping!”

“No, I was waiting for you to follow through with your threats.” He placed his hands on her hips, his thumbs lightly stroking the curve of her pelvis, waking her in a different way. All that was between them were his boxers and her panties. The swell of his erection pressing against her had her melting with pure, hot desire. He gave her a knowing grin. “I spent the first hour considering all the things in your room I could use to tie you up if you got out of control.”

“Mmm, I think it’s too late.” She grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands over his head, leaning down to kiss the length of his neck. “You can’t stop me.”

“Not sure I want to.” He easily freed one hand, slipping it around the back of her neck and guiding her up so he could give her a long, slow kiss. The way he ground up against her made her breath catch as heat throbbed down low. Then he slipped his lips along her cheek to whisper in her ear. “The first time would be easiest with you on top. Then I’ll know how much of me you can take.”

“I’d say you’re bragging.” She inhaled his clean, arousing scent, sure she could get drunk and high on him alone. He was rain in the spring mixed with pure, deep notes of musk. Like standing on a mountain during a downpour, the air around her earthy and rich. She lifted her head as his fingers trailed up her spine under her nightshirt. “But I’ve had my mouth on you. I can’t take you all the way in.”

“Such a dilemma.” He made her sit up and pulled her night shirt up over her head. “I guess we’ll have to go very, very slow.”

Her eyes drifted shut as he covered her small breasts with his huge hands. Brought her back down so he could suck a nipple into his mouth. The tug of his lips, the flick of his tongue, had her trying to get a good grip on his hair so he wouldn’t stop. His hot breath moistened her flesh. He slipped one hand between her thighs, rubbing gently at the moist swatch of cloth covering her.

“Not too slow.” She whimpered as he slid a finger under the material and pressed it inside her at a torturously languorous pace. Part of her was a little nervous about taking him into her body, afraid it would hurt. Some women might think bigger was better, but Cort was big enough that he’d have to be careful whenever they were together.

If she didn’t trust him, she wouldn’t even risk it. But she did, and right now his finger just wasn’t enough.

“Hmm, I guess not.” He withdrew his finger, glistening wet, and brought it to his mouth, making a hungry sound as he sucked it. “Fuck, I could just eat you. You taste so good.”

She held her breath, torn between wanting his very talented mouth on her once again, and taking as much of him into her body as she could. Shifting restlessly, all kinds of naughty words on the tip of her tongue, she spoke quietly. “I want this, Cort. I want you.”

He sat up, wrapping his arms around her. “Your last request of the night.” He glanced at the clock and laughed. “Or should I say, morning. But we do this my way.”

“Yes, Sir.” She batted her eyelashes, wiggling her hips a little to tease him. “I am yours to command.”

One brow arched, he set her aside, then stood. He reached down to take his wallet out of his jeans on the floor, pulling out a condom. “Right now, I have only one command, Tiny.”

Her lips held tight between her teeth, she looked up at him expectantly as he placed the condom in her hand.

His fingertip brushed down her cheek. He bent down and grazed her lips with his. “Don’t let me hurt you.”


Fucking Brilliant! This was an amazing addition to The Dartmouth Cobras Series and by far my favorite so far! Even though my heart was ripped out a couple of times, Bianca brought me back and made it okay again. Full of love lost, love found, heartbreak, and so much passion; I did not want this book to end. When you read Delayed Penalty, or any of the Dartmouth Cobras books for that matter, be prepared to experience every emotion under the sun. Be prepared to laugh, blush, swoon, smile, cry, and ugly cry (seriously!) For those of you who read romance novels, you know about the ugly cry! You will fall in love with this beautiful group of people that Bianca Sommerland has created and shared with us. I can’t wait to be reunited with these wonderful characters again.

Akira, Ford, and Cort. These three are beautiful and complicated and oh so perfect when they are together. Each one brings something special to the table, and they all have gone through so much together and on their own. Akira has grown tremendously, thanks to wonderful friends and the best Dom she could have hoped for. The strength that she has shown with Cort and then with Ford was amazing. Those two helped her become whole again. I loved the dynamic between Cort and Ford as well. At the beginning I didn’t know how these two would share, because of the strong possessiveness they have with Akira, but when it came down to it they just wanted what was best for Akira, and that had to be both of them. Towards the end, you feel this intense connection between Cort and Ford, something I wanted more of, and something I can’t quite explain, but it was definitely a deeper connection, a deeper connection than if they were brothers.

We can’t forget about the rest of the cobras can we? Catching up with all of them was fantastic, especially Oriana, Max, and (my favorite) Sloan! Did you actually think they could stay away from the Cobras for very long?

Jami, Luke, and Seb! Sebastian Ramos is still protecting what’s his and is being totally sexy about it!

Very exciting and heartbreaking events bring Silver, Dean, and Landon even closer! All of you Dean and Landon fans….be prepared, that’s all I’m gonna say *winks*

Rebecca, Zach, Scott: We didn’t really get much of them all together, but let’s just say Scott being daddy of the year = PRICELESS!

And don’t you girls worry about Dominik. I have a feeling he is going to be just fine!

These characters are like family to me, and I love all of them, even when they act all stupid 🙂 They give you no choice but to care for them, to worry about them, and to feel for them through the good and the ever so horrible. Be warned that some terrible, heartbreaking things happen in Delayed Penalty, but when the tears dry up, you know that everyone will be okay because they have each other, they have the team.



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