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Aubrey Lawson has survived a horrific crime, but he’s nobody’s victim. After a dream date that turns into hours of torture, Bre is finally freed—only he wakes up to confront another nightmare: his savior is none other than Devlin Barnes. Dev, with his baritone voice and mesmerizing eyes, is the Dom of Aubrey’s dreams, and the last person he wants on his rehab watch.

Bre’s pride—and libido—are pushed to their limits when Devlin insists that he be moved to the Barnes house for the rest of his recovery. Dev makes no secret about his own lust for Aubrey and soon has the gorgeous submissive in his bed, in every meaning of the word. But Devlin’s passion only solidifies Aubrey’s firmest hard limit: he won’t be a charity case to anyone, especially Devlin.

The couple’s fresh commitment is tested when Aubrey steps into danger once more to keep Devlin safe. Can Dev get to him in time? More importantly, can he break through Bre’s chains of pride and self-doubt, and show him the beautiful bondage of lasting love?


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review2“I’m here with you. I want to feel you all around me…in me. I need you…please.”

Chains Unbound kicks you right in the gut right off the bat. It hurt my heart to hear what Aubrey went through, and it warmed my heart to hear and feel the beautiful dynamic between Aubrey and Devlin. Aubrey was broken down, beaten, and laid raw. You would think no one could live through what he went through, but you quickly learn just how strong Aubrey really is. Part of what made him live through the nightmare and made him strong enough to stand again was the gorgeous bisexual Dom, Devlin. Devlin is a protective Dom with a not so great history with his previous sub. He couldn’t be what his last submissive wanted, so he closed off his heart to all others. Sure he would “play” with other subs at the club, but he would not go any further…until he laid his eyes on Bre.

Aubrey, a.k.a. Bre to his lover, was disowned by his parent and had to create a good life on his own. He wanted nothing more than to be claimed by a lover, and Dev was that lover. Devlin wants to be careful with Bre, thinking that he definitely is not ready, but when Aubrey kneels at his feet in the perfect position, showing just how much he wants this, Dev cannot hold back his heart any longer. He gives Aubrey what he needs and therefore fulfilling something he was missing in himself.

Quite a bit happened in Chains Unbound with it being a short read. The BDSM scenes were pretty hot and heavy. It was also beautiful and tender, showcasing a wonderful dynamic between a Dom and his submissive. It had a good amount of suspense, and it kept you on your toes, wondering how everything was going to turn out. It had my heart racing for sure. There is nothing like a passionate BDSM MM scene to have you begging for a cold shower.

“Just as I will be yours, you will be mine.”

4*Copy provided by the author*


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