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The Dom with the Clever Tongue


Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, and Cari Silverwood


Series: Badass Brats, Book 4

Genre: BDSM, MFf, Ff

Source: ARC provided by authors





Reece and Scarlet have everything a loving couple could want, except a hot kinky sex life. Malachi, an experienced Dom, steps in to help them sort that out. But not only is he a terrible memory from Reece’s past, he’s a smartass and damaged goods, too.

As they all learn to trust each other, Malachi becomes more than just their kink coach. It’s a full-on brat smackdown, and no heart gets out unscathed.

Warning: Contains unrepentant brats, surprise orgasms, a Domme with training wheels, and a Dom whose tongue is registered as a weapon of mass seduction.



Badass Brats writing team fun bios!

Since you can see our serious professional author bios on our individual websites (,,, we thought we’d have some fun and do a little bio that shows our personalities, and maybe some things you didn’t know about us.

Leia likes her men tattooed and muscular but still cuddly. She’s a self-professed shoe whore and believes a new pair of shoes can fix the worst of days. Game of Thrones and Walking Dead are her current favorite TV shows, though she admits to watching Dance Moms just to make herself feel like a better parent to her two wild children. Obnoxious toenail polish and anything with chocolate and peanut butter makes her smile. Pretend to laugh at her jokes and she’ll be your best friend.

Sorcha adores Jane Austen. She has a plethora of gargoyle tattoos and subsists on a diet of chips, chocolate, and Lucky Charms. Although she loves to sleep, she rarely does – there always seems to be other things that need doing. Known for her poor housekeeping skills and perverted sense of humor, she’s never been a Stepford mom even though she has a shoe full of children. When Sorcha was a kid she wanted to be a nun, and she might have been a good one if she’d never discovered sex, metal, and tattoos.

Cari is the mysterious one in the Brats team. Only the swirl of her cape or glint of her whip is ever seen at the dead of night, as she clings to the side of a skyscraper by her claws. Ahem. No, she doesn’t clean windows on the side. Each morning, she drinks her hypercaffeinated coffee, takes a deep breath of clean Australian air, coughs out the gum leaves she inhaled, brushes off all the baby koalas that have adopted her, and sets out to hike up the mountain she lives beside. Reaching the peak means fighting off dingos, redback spiders, jellyfish and those pesky gurus who like mountains. Then she sits down and writes her next novel.

Writing together is always an adventure but somehow we make it work. It must be our mutual love for words, brats, and sexy heroes/heroines!



I absolutely adore this series! It is a favorite of mine, and I always anxiously await the next addition in the Badass Brats series! I think it’s definitely the characters I love the most. You really get a sense of familiarity with them because they have “real” relationship issues. They are so complex and so well-developed that you can’t help but feel for them.

Reece and Scarlet jumped right off the page for me. You can tell that these two love each other with everything they have. They are even willing to bring a third person in to their relationship to help them figure out their needs. At the beginning neither of them thought of themselves as a submissive. There was a push-pull with them that wasn’t working with the BDSM lifestyle. It was hilarious and sometimes sad to read these play scenes where they struggled at who was the dominant.

“You make a terrible sub, kitten.”

Enter the ever so gorgeous Malachi Johansson! Oh I love this tattooed bad boy! Talk about Yummy! Oh sorry, I get a little carried away when it comes to Malachi. I fell in love with that man in the last book. Malachi doesn’t know if he is up to the task of showing these two girls the ins and outs of the lifestyle. Number 1 – he is coming out of a bad relationship and Number 2 – he used to tease one of them back in high school.

“Why? Did you forget how to dom?”

“No, fucknut. I haven’t”

“I figured it was either that or you lost your balls between your couch cushions.”

They all went into this set up with a clear mindset. Reece and Scarlet are in a monogamous relationship, and Malachi is just there to observe and help them develop a kinky sex life. Hell, Scarlet doesn’t even like guys….right? The more time they all spend together, the more they realize that Malachi might be more than just an experienced Dom that’s giving them a helping hand. He might be the missing piece of their kinky puzzle. How can they bring it up to each other if it might mean the destruction of their relationship? When the lesson is done, will Malachi be able to just walk away?

“He missed holding them, kissing them, but he missed talking to them more than anything.”

This story was packed full of sizzling hot sex scenes and fun kinkery! It was also full of emotion from all of the characters involved. The story deals with real struggles and we could all learn a thing or two from these amazing characters.

The Dom with the Clever Tongue is another fantastic addition to the Badass Brats series, definitely my favorite in the series so far. These three authors have made something special, and I hope they continue to captivate us with their beautiful kinky stories!




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