♥ New Release ♥ UNDERCOVER DOM by T.L. Reeve & Indigo Sin

1186149_353569331440120_194073359_nUNDERCOVER DOM



Crimson Heat Series #1

November 12, 2013

Horny Devil Publishing


Murder and mystery shroud Crimson Heat, a secretive BDSM club on the outskirts of Chicago. Given the opportunity to go undercover as a Dom to flush out a killer, officer Dallas Whitten jumps at the chance, not that being a Dom is anything new to him.

Crimson Heat public relations advisor, Taryn Lenox, spends her time coordinating events to bring Dominants and submissives together, while secretly pining for a relationship of her own.

When fate brings them together, a spark beyond anything they ever imagined is ignited, but Dallas’ secret and a sinister presence threatens to destroy any chance they may have. Will love conquer all? Or will evil win out in the end?

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Two long couches were accompanied by three leather chairs with a

coffee table in the middle. On top of the table, sat two crystal ashtrays. The

smell of cigars filled the air as two of the men blew a puff of smoke out. He

knew who each of them were. The dark haired man with a golden tan was

Dante and the massive black man with the ball cap low over his face was

Rune. He never expected to see the DA this way. He seemed bigger in this

setting, almost intimidating. His deep rumble of laughter had all the women

turning his way. Dallas was sure he heard them sigh and expected to see a

few pairs of panties fly toward Rune.

“Guys, this is Dallas.” Cooper slapped him on the back and sat down.

Each one of the men looked up at him.

Rune cocked a brow as a flicker of recognition flashed in his eyes,

then inclined his chin. Yeah, I know who you are, buddy. Your secret is safe

with me; he thought as each of the guys stood and shook his hand. He knew

Dante’s thick exotic accent was what kept the girls coming back, and

Casper’s southern twang gave him that gentile quality. There was no

posturing among the men. All of them were comfortable with their position

within the club.

“So, what do you do, Dallas?” Casper asked, taking a sip of the

amber liquid in his tumbler.

“I work for the Chicago PD with Cooper. I’m a detective.” There was

no reason to lie to the guys; however he had a whole story worked out for

Taryn. He was a pharmaceutical salesman from Gary, Indiana. He lived on a

small farm just off the border of Illinois, and when he’d been on a trip to

Chicago, he met Dez’s doctor. They got together and now he was here to try

the club out.

“I knew it. Hand it over, asshole,” Casper exclaimed, holding his

hand out to Dante.

“Kurwa,” Dante cursed in Polish as he reached into the pocket of his

leathers, pulling out a twenty.

“My stomach thanks you.” Casper smiled, shoving the money into

his pocket.

review“The things I would do to your body…fuck, you’d never want another man to touch you again.”

Undercover Dom by TL Reeve and Indigo Sin was a great start to what is an exciting new series. This will satisfy your craving for the romantic thriller in you as well as the sexy kinkster. Dallas is a sexy Dom who misses the lifestyle and Taryn is the beautiful, independent submissive that has yet to find the man who can make her kneel.

Dallas is no stranger to going undercover, and is DEFINITELY no stranger to embracing his Dom side. When he sets his eyes on the wayward sub Taryn, an instant sexual connection occurs and it is HOT! There are no “hey, how are you?” or “can I get you a drink?” It’s just BAM…he is all up in her space, sniffing out her scent, touching her anywhere and everywhere, and making her tremble. Of course, like any other bratty sub, Taryn can deny, can struggle all she wants, but you can’t mistake the way her body reacts to this gorgeous, dominant man.

To Taryn, Dallas is just “D,” the new Dom that has plans for his new submissive, but D is actually at Crimson Heat to do a job, to catch a killer. Can he do his job AND keep Taryn safe? Or will his deception tear away something that could be the start of something special for both of them?

“You’re dangerous to me, kitten,”

Undercover Dom was a great story full of scorching hot sex scenes, exciting twists and turns, and a beautiful connection between a Dom and his sub. Emotional, thrilling, and sexy, I can’t wait for what these two have for their next installment in the Crimson Heat Series.

4*ARC provided by the author*


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