Guest Review: Making Thyme by T.J. Hamilton





Thyme Trilogy #2

October 17, 2013

*Review copy provided by the author*


This is the second part of the trilogy in which we have met the former prostitute/call her Miranda. During the first novel we watched her bounce back and forth and fall in love with both the sweet and sensible Tom Smythe and the bad boy Joe Trench. It was truly a heart wrenching experience to watch the poor girl battle over loving the both.

Alas, Joe the bad boy crime boss commits an unspeakable crime and Tom is really an undercover agent assigned to bring him in. Miranda and Tom whose real name is Nick Davis are assigned to work together in the Australian version of the FBI.

Let me start by saying that this book was very well written. The attention to detail was astounding and the description of training exercises that were done by Miranda were very explicit. The knowledge and story line of her joining forces to bring down the crime lord was a great story line. It was good to see the bad girl do good.

However, the part I liked about the first book was the SEX!, I felt for a romance story that this one was seriously lacking in that department. It read more like a crime novel. A good crime novel for sure, but I felt the romance was missing. Sure they profess to love one another and it was great to see her grow as a person and get out of the prostitution scene but I was missing the kinky/hot sex that she shared with Joe. I was missing Joe. I kind of liked his bad boy character.

Now that I have that off my chest, let me continue. It was a great story. The suspense was definitely well done and it kept my interest throughout the novel. The secondary characters were quite interesting and some of the Agency’s tough guys really made me smile. I loved the great relationship that she had with her gay friend Charlie and her brother Simon. Overall this was a great story, now that I have read parts one and two I will definitely need to finish the trilogy. The only thing missing was more funky sex and more JOE.




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