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Cherise Sinclair

Masters of the Shadowlands #8

November 5, 2013

TOPPICKIf Only is the second Masters of the Shadowlands book that I have made TOP PICK on the blog. I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic Sally’s story was. I think it’s because I have grown so fond of Sally over the past books that I wanted to dive right into her story. God, how much I have missed the Shadowlands. The Shadowlands is more than a place where people can live their lifestyle out in the open, it’s a safe haven for some people. Cherise Sinclair does an amazing job of transporting us to a place where we can hear the cracking of whips and smell the leather all around us, and actually we are just in the confines of our bedroom. People read to escape their lives for a bit, and you really do that with IF ONLY. Believe me when I say, you will not want to leave the Shadowlands or the family that you will fall in love with while you are there.

“You’ll have us both inside you, pushing you past thinking, past reason. You won’t have any control, sweetheart. We’re going to take it all away.”

Now, if you are familiar with this series, than you know the type of submissive that Sally is. She has been a trainee at the Shadowlands forever, and she knows how these Doms work. She knows how to push their buttons. When she returns to the Shadowlands after getting out of a bad relationship, she is shut down, not like the Sally we all know and love. Galen Kouros and Vance Buchanan, or “The Feds,” notice this in Sally, and decide that they want to soothe whatever is hanging over their spitfire submissive. They both attempt to help Sally with an enormous amount of push back from their little sub. Ugly pasts from all three come to light and threatens their relationship. The past isn’t the only thing threatening their lives. The Harvest Association is still out there, and Sally, Galen, and Vance will have to confront the past, and fight for the future they all desperately want and need.

if1If Only was a gritty, tough, love story that was so full of emotion, it definitely had me captivated the whole way through. Even though it was tough to read, I am glad Cherise made us dive in to the past of all three of these amazing characters. I love when such broken souls find their way to each other and even though it’s hard, heal each others hearts. The fact that Galen and Vance were different in so many aspects, made them a perfect match for Sally.

The side stories in IF ONLY broke my heart. Just when you thought the other couples from The Shadowlands were solid, life gets in the way. Not everything is perfect anymore for the couples we know and love. Our favorite characters return: Rainie, Kari, Gabi, Jessica, Dan (who you will love even more after this), and of course Master Z. The love and support that they show Sally was beautiful. They all think of her as theirs, and they protect what’s theirs…ALWAYS.

“You are a gift I never expected,”

If Only was filled with excitement and emotional roller coasters all the way through. The BDSM scenes were spectacular, and the tender loves scenes were off the charts HOT. Another freaking HOME RUN and MUST READ for the Shadowlands Series! Cherise Sinclair can do NO WRONG!

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