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Songs of Submission #7.5


CD Reiss


Monica, the unbelievable conclusion to Jonathan and Monica’s beautiful, gut wrenching, emotionally charged story. I feel like whatever I say in this review will not do this group of fantastic stories justice. CD Reiss is a brand spankin’ new author to me, and my god I am SO freakin’ ecstatic that I found her. I was referred to her by another fantastic author and whenever I meet her, I’m gonna hug the hell out of her. Thank you Eva ♥

“She was mine to lose, but she was mine.”

When I first started this series, I couldn’t stop. I literally did not stop until I finished with SING. I stayed up all night, reading how these two wonderful people met, the struggles they went through, the pasts they had to overcome, the incredibly intense feelings they had towards one another. It broke me down, punched me in the gut, lifted me up, and put me back together. I feel like I was holding my breath the entire time, just waiting and wondering about what would happen next. When I finished SING, I was satisfied, content, and overwhelmed. When I heard that CD Reiss was coming out with Monica, I freaked the fuck out! I wanted more! I always will want more of Jonathan. I don’t want to give anything away for those of you who haven’t started this yet (shame on you, by the way) 🙂 Jonathan and Monica have been through so much, and the latest incident left Jonathan with something that isn’t truly his, he feels like he is not 100% himself now, and he is struggling with love and dominance. Though she doesn’t say it aloud, Monica feels something is missing, she misses her king, and her internal struggles are making her distant. Realizing that he can’t keep on like this, Jonathan makes a decision, and takes action, and let’s just say……Welcome back our king!

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I’m so jealous! I want a love like Monica and Jonathan have. A love that can withstand anything. It’s intense, it’s emotional, it’s fierce. It’s theirs. This entire series will be a re-read for sure. I urge you all to start their journey, you will not be disappointed at all.

monica5signatureI would love to know your thoughts about this review and the series! Comment below ♥

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  1. Ah, my dear Shayna, you are quite welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed this series, although to be honest I had zero doubts. I can’t wait for Songs of Corruption to come out, those fiery sisters definitely have a story to tell!! <3