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The WILD Boys of Special Forces #3

November 11, 2013

18105236synopsisCorporal Ethan Archer has just earned his sergeant’s stripes, and a trip to the glam and glitz of LA is just the celebration that the guys on his Special Forces team have deemed the perfect celebration. Ethan has ulterior motives for agreeing so readily to the vacation. He can’t forget a magical hour in a North Cascades cabin last winter, shared with an indigo-eyed goddess named Ava Chestain.

Ava is a makeup artist for the wildly-successful nighttime drama, Dress Blues. When Ethan and his buddies finagle a visit to the set, his reunion with Ava melts the months away–but their time is cut short by the star of the show, Bella Lanza, who insists that Ethan and his flawless runway model features star in a high-end fashion shoot with her over the next week. Ethan agrees to the shoot, but with one condition: that Ava be on Bella’s styling team. he’ll do anything to get more time with her now, and he also knows about Ava’s deepest secret: her desire to be a cutting-edge fashion stylist.

Ava is torn between the desire to make Ethan proud and the desire to make Ethan hot, in every way she possibly can. Accompanying him to an LA bondage club only deepens their connection and reaffirms her desire for the soldier who swept her off her feet six months ago in a forest hideaway. But now, seeing Bella make moves on Ethan during the shoot, she wonders if she was only meant to be with him for a brief moment in time, like the tide meeting the shore.

When a terrifying turn of events places the entire city in danger, Ethan must make decisions that will either kill or save them all–and his plan includes the necessity of Ava’s trust. Is the ocean of their love deep enough to hold such a commitment? Can she place her very life in Ethan’s hands, surrendering to his command with what could be her last breath?

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reviewThe W.I.L.D. Boys are at it again. Pages and pages of fantastic sex scenes and hot BDSM scenes, exciting, thrilling plots, and not one but TWO amazing, touching love stories! Angel and her boys take you on such a journey that you feel like you are in the middle of a movie. Well freaking done Ms. Angel Payne!

“I need to be clear. I want you, Ava. I want to be inside you. I want to watch your face when I command you to come and your body shatters around mine.”

Ethan Archer is an absolutely amazing man. He’s gorgeous, demanding, loyal, and boy can he fuck with your mind without even trying. He can take down a drug smuggler with only his words, and he can make a girl embrace her submissive side with just a look. He is THAT good. He can do what he was meant to do and take down the bad guys, but for the past seven months something has been missing in his life, in his heart, and in his soul – his goddess.

“You want to call me ‘Sir’ and mean it and know the power that comes from it? Then you have to earn it…with your honesty. By talking to me. By letting me in.”

Ava Chestain has not had the best of luck being with military men. She doesn’t want to be on the other side of the door or on the other line of the phone when they tell her that her man is not coming home. That’s why when Ethan comes back in her life, she is quick to avoid him, because she knows that one look at him, one command from him, and she is putty in his hands. She is quick to bottle up her submissive side, but with Ethan it just comes pouring out of her. How can she say no to the man she craves and the Dom that literally brings her to her knees?

“He’d control her. And she’d let him. He’d penetrate her. And she’d permit him. He’d hurt her. And she’d adore him.”

I absolutely adore Ethan and Ava as a couple. The chemistry is there, the intensity is definitely there. There is such a visceral need and a raw intensity between the two, that you can just feel it in your gut and in your heart. Don’t even get me started on the sex scenes in this book. They were ridiculously hot! There were beautiful, tender moments as well as some BDSM scenes that will be forever ingrained in your head. It also wouldn’t be a WILD boys book without some action, and Surrendering To Her Sergeant was full of heart pounding moments that had my head spinning. There were points in the book where you feel like you are watching an action movie and it was incredibly exciting. Angel Payne has a way with words. She makes you feel what the characters are feeling, and that my friends is a gift. A gift that I know she will continue to share with us with the rest of these WILD boys that I have grown to love.

“He had to have her fire. Her desire. Her passion. Her gasps. Her surrender.”

5*Review copy provided by the author*

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