Guest Review: Incidental Contact by Eden Connor



What if a random kiss with the wrong woman feels like more than incidental contact? What if you sense every mistake brought you to this place, with this person? What if you know you’ll have to clean up your bad-boy past and can’t offer her much of a future, but you’re determined to win her heart? What if you’re also having…performance issues? Welcome to Eric De Marco’s world. First person to say ‘go hard or go home’ gets his ass kicked.


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This is the third story in Those Devilish De Marco Men series. Eric De Marco is a hot and sexy guy living in Texas who works at and owns a garage with his two brothers Dan and Connor. He has recently come into some cash from an insurance policy that is being settled on his long ago deceased mother. All the girls in town are after him. He can’t even go to get a haircut without practically being assaulted.

Amy Sizemore is currently without a place to live. She has been living with a friend since she broke it off with her boyfriend three weeks ago. The jerk has moved on and recently posted his new engagement picture in the newspaper. Amy is short and not so very skinny. Her wardrobe most consists of pants that are way too long and her referee uniform.

After running into her one day, Eric promises her dinner if she will accompany him to the hairdressers, maybe she can be a shield, keep the vultures away.

He has an empty room and ends up offering her a place to stay. It will do his reputation good to be seen with the same women for more than one night. He promises to show her what she has been missing in the romance part of her life. She makes the mistake of admitting that she does not know what all the hype is about sex.

This book was great. There was a lot of build up to sex for these two characters. It was amazing to see her begin to realize what she had been missing all along. Eric is having some libido issues of his own. Almost some self-doubt or shall we say problems getting it up. What a laugh to see the playboy struggle with these and be an awesome partner for her.

The secondary plots in the story played an enormous role. Amy is very involved in referring wheelchair basketball and it was very interesting to learn more about this sport. Eric is dealing with the aftermath of finding his mother’s long ago killer and the ramifications that the publication of his name is revealing to not just his immediate family but the whole town.

It was an extremely well written story and the secondary characters consisting of both sets of families and friends played an integral part in the layout and eventually unfolding of the story. I thought all the characters had a lot of depth to them. It was a pleasure to read this story. It has all the ingredients for a great read. I would give it a 5/5. Well done.


*ARC provided by the author*




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