Welcome to Day 5 in celebrating the release of Barely Undercover by Sarah Castille! It’s the last day of the party and we are closing with an interview with James and Lana!


Interview with James and Lana from Barely Undercover by Sarah Castille

Lana, you and James met under unusual circumstances. Was it love at first sight? Did you know even then he was the one for you?

Lana: [Lana grins]. It was definitely lust at first sight. He was working security at the underground sex club, Carpe Noctem when I sneaked in to do a little investigative work. Unfortunately or maybe [turns to James and winks] fortunately he caught me and dragged me to his office for an interrogation. I couldn’t stop staring at him. I mean he was all pissed off and playing the bad-ass but for some reason that just made me hotter and, of course, he kept checking me out.

James: [snorts] Babe. I wasn’t checking you out. I was wondering whether you were gonna freeze to death in that tiny, electric fucking blue outfit that hugged every curve of your beautiful body when I booted your ass outside for sneaking into the club.

Lana: Like I said, checking me out.

James: Like I said, wondering about the outfit and what was underneath

Lana: Every time I met him on that case, he was checking me out. Once he even pretended he needed to frisk me so he could look at my ass.

James: My girl’s got the fucking sweetest ass…

Lana: [shakes her head and sighs] He swears a lot since he’s become a real biker. “You aren’t fucking going out in that barely fucking there strip-of Lycra lap dancer disguise,” he says to me when I’m about to go on surveillance. “Get your ass to bed,” he says, as if I’m gonna run to do his bidding.

James: [slides his hand under Lana’s tumble of red hair and curls his fingers around her neck, leaning close]. Babe, you like to do my bidding. And far as I can recall, your ass hit the bed in record time.

Lana: [blushes] Well I hadn’t seen you in twelve hours, and then you stalk into our apartment, looking bad-ass breathtaking in your leathers and smelling of diesel and the ocean. And you’ve got that look you get after you spend the day cruising around with Ryder and the Renegades on your Harleys just looking for trouble. What’s a hot-blooded girl supposed to do?

James: You certainly had some ideas.

Lana: So did you. You never seem to run out of ideas. Sometimes your imagination scares me.

James, what about you? Two years went by after you left Lana and broke her heart. What did you think when you saw her again? Was the spark still there?

James: Fuck, yeah. Thought I’d have a heart attack. Not a day went by that I didn’t think about her and there she was. Christ, you shoulda seen her in that sex club wearin’ a naughty police outfit with these stockings that criss crossed all the way up her gorgeous legs. My brain fuzzed and I couldn’t think beyond wantin’ to get her the hell outta there ‘cause every guy in that place was panting over her.

Lana: Not every guy.

James: I’m a guy, babe. I know when other men are wantin’ my woman. Sixth sense. Was wondering how many I could take out on my own…

Lana: [shifts in her seat]. I wasn’t your woman then. I hated you for leaving me. I’d even given you a nickname, Heartless Bastard.

James: [squeezes her hand] You’ve been mine since the first day we met. Just needed a kick in the ass to see it.

Lana: [rolls her eyes] So romantic. Possessive and potty mouthed.

James:  You love my mouth, babe. Last night after you got your ass in bed, you said…

Lana: James!

James: …you loved…

Lana: James!

James: Me.

Lana: Oh. Yeah. I do have a fondness for rough, gritty, breathtakingly handsome alpha male bikers with potty mouths.

James: [presses kiss to her forehead]. She loves me.

Lana: You might have mentioned you loved me too.

James: Didn’t think you heard me.

Lana: [softly] I hear you every time you say it and I’ll never get tired of hearing it.

James: Maybe we should get it tattooed on your ass…

Lana: I think it’s time to go.

James and Lana, thanks for joining us today. We wish you every happiness in your future.


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  1. Loved the interview it was funny and made me want to get the book now even though I have no extra cash. Thanks for the chance.