Review: For the Sub (Mastered Series) by Sierra Cartwright


For the Sub

Mastered, Book 5

by Sierra Cartwright


What you see isn’t what you get…

Though he was once a respected and well-known Dom, Niles Malloy rarely attends functions at the Den, and he has no interest in ever having another permanent relationship. He satisfies his occasional desire for kink by playing with subs who have no expectations.

Professional sub Brandy Hess has known Master Niles for years, and when he invites her to play with him, she accepts. But she’s unprepared for the reaction she has to his intense brand of play. In their shared, emotionally intimate moments she sees the weariness in his features, and she has a dangerous and compelling urge to know him better.

Experience has taught her to never again settle for less than a man’s complete commitment, yet when she runs into him outside their normal setting, neither can deny the potent and pulsing attraction. He’s much, much deeper than she imagined, and she soon realises he’s everything she wants and doesn’t need in a man.

As she surrenders to him a second time, Brandy wonders if she’s lost her sense of self-preservation. She’s attracted to an enigma, a man with an edge, someone as remote as he is demanding, and her life will never be the same…


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The Mastered Series by Sierra Cartwright is one of my favorite BDSM Romance series ever! And For the Sub just confirmed that for me. Sierra’s writing is amazing and her characters she brings to life are beautiful, broken, and have such a realness about them. You can’t help but become emotionally attached to these characters. The story lines are always interesting and emotional and the BDSM element is never to hard, not to soft, it’s just right for my kind of read. Be prepared to enter The Den curious and shy, and leave ultimately and ridiculously satisfied!

“How expensive are your panties?” “Very,” she said. “Sorry in advance.” “Occupational hazard, Sir.”

Niles Malloy lost the love of his life three years ago, and he has never fully recovered. Every now and then he fulfills his desire for his kinky side by playing with the subs at the Den, where he knows he doesn’t have to worry about getting too close to anyone. You could say he has learned to detach his heart while he plays. He can’t risk losing someone he loves again.

Brandy Hess is the perfect submissive. She knows just how to please her Dom. Brandy has known Master Niles for a long time, and a simple invitation to play, turns her world upside down. She never realized the impact that one scene had on her life. She wants to know more about this man, emotionally and sexually. Brandy knows that Master Niles has a side to him that no one can touch, no one can break through. But the more she is with him, the more she can’t seem to walk away, even though her heart wants to fix this man, her head is screaming…RUN AWAY!

The interaction between Brandy and Niles started at a slow burn, and the more they played with each other, the more sensual and raw their connection had become. They reached a point where they were so in tune with each other, you couldn’t help but feel that link, that bond between the two. I don’t have to tell you that along with the emotionally aspect of these Mastered books, the play scenes and the love scenes were both scorching hot! There are scenes in the Den, in an elevator, and…..wait for it….a scene with a bidet! No, I am not kidding! It’s weird, and it’s freaking hot! When all is done, and everyone is in love, you exit the Den feeling a bit sad, but that doesn’t last long, because you just know that Sierra will invite us back and lead us in to the mind of a tortured Dom and the woman who will heal his soul.


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