Top Picks of 2013 Overview & Giveaway!

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2013 was a FANTASTIC YEAR for FANTASTIC Reads! I wanted to share some of my TOP PICKS of 2013 with you!

BACK IN BLISS by Sophie Oak

When you start to cry during the dedication at the beginning of the book and you realize how connected the author is to these characters, you know you are in for an emotional, beautiful treat!

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Red Phoenix is a freakin’ genius! I have never felt so many emotions all at once while reading a book. Brilliant! Let’s just say after reading this series I will be starting up a fantasy journal of my own.

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UNBEAUTIFULLY by Madeline Sheehan

 So, I was EXTREMELY excited to start this book after reading the first one Undeniable. This book was UN Fucking Believable! I knew after I started tearing up after reading the freakin’ prologue that I was done for. This story will leave an incredible ache in your chest that will still be there long after you finish reading it. Proceed with caution! Unbeautifully will pull you in, make you hurt, make you care too much, and then spit you the fuck out!

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THIS IS WHO I AM by Cherise Sinclair

I’ve probably said this a million times, but I will say it again dammit! Cherise Sinclair is a mastermind when it comes to writing BDSM Erotica. This Is Who I Am is just another example of her brilliance. I enjoyed everything about this story. I enjoyed everything from the parts that made me laugh hysterically down to the parts that made my chest hurt and my eyes water. Well done “missy!”

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After I finished reading Surrender Your Love, I found out that this was J.C. Reed’s debut novel, and I was like NOOOOOO WAY!!!!!! This was unbelievable good! So good in fact, that I devoured it in one sitting. Let me tell you, J.C. Reed is going to be one to watch, FOR SURE! What drew me in at first was of course, the HOT cover! I mean look at it! You can’t tell me, that if you saw this cover on your E-Reader, you wouldn’t be compelled to 1-Click that shit!

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THEIR VIRGIN HOSTAGE by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Their Virgin Hostage by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake was an emotionally charged, erotic masterpiece. When these two authors get together and put pen to paper, let me tell you, magic happens. They know how to bring their readers to their knees and they pretty much guarantee to have you emotionally invested in the wonderful, complex characters that they bring to life. Be prepared to enter a world full of gorgeous possessive Doms, a hilarious adorable submissive, and the jackass that tries to tear them apart.

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ESCAPING REALITY by Lisa Renee Jones

 Let me start off by saying that I DEVOUR anything and everything that Lisa Renee Jones writes and ESCAPING REALITY is no exception. ESCAPING REALITY is book one in The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series and it’s a nail biting, chest tightening, sexy thrill ride that you just can’t get enough of. PURE GENIUS!

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BIND & KEEP ME by Cari Silverwood

Cari Silverwood never ceases to amaze me! She captured me almost instantly with her first Pierced Hearts book Take Me Break Me, and then pulled me right back in with Bind and Keep Me! Quite frankly, I’m emotionally exhausted, in a good way of course. Bind and Keep Me definitely puts your heart and your mind through the ringer once or twice. Cari Silverwood showed me how beautiful and how twisted dark erotic romances can be, and she has set the bar on this specific genre.

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REAL by Katy Evans

 My GOD! I can’t believe I waited so long to read this AMAZING story! REAL by Katy Evans took me on a whirlwind of SO MANY emotions it was ridiculous. Once I started reading REAL, I couldn’t put it down for the life of me. A tornado or some other disaster could have been heading my way, would I have run for cover? Nope! Probably not, I would have stayed put and finished this book!

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COLE by J.B. Hartnett

COLE by J.B. Hartnett is hands down one of the best books I’ve read this year! It was incredibly brilliant and I didn’t want it to end. COLE is book two in The Leaves series, it follows INKY, book one in the series which was also an incredible read. The series as a whole just blew me away with how much love, heartache, and depth it contained. You get to experience every emotion under the sun and it is SO WORTH all of the tears you will shed.

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DELAYED PENALTY by Bianca Sommerland

Fucking Brilliant! This was an amazing addition to The Dartmouth Cobras Series and by far my favorite so far! Even though my heart was ripped out a couple of times, Bianca brought me back and made it okay again. Full of love lost, love found, heartbreak, and so much passion; I did not want this book to end. When you read Delayed Penalty, or any of the Dartmouth Cobras books for that matter, be prepared to experience every emotion under the sun. Be prepared to laugh, blush, swoon, smile, cry, and ugly cry (seriously!) For those of you who read romance novels, you know about the ugly cry! You will fall in love with this beautiful group of people that Bianca Sommerland has created and shared with us. I can’t wait to be reunited with these wonderful characters again.

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IF ONLY by Cherise Sinclair

If Only is the second Masters of the Shadowlands book that I have made TOP PICK on the blog. I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic Sally’s story was. I think it’s because I have grown so fond of Sally over the past books that I wanted to dive right into her story. God, how much I have missed the Shadowlands. The Shadowlands is more than a place where people can live their lifestyle out in the open, it’s a safe haven for some people. Cherise Sinclair does an amazing job of transporting us to a place where we can hear the cracking of whips and smell the leather all around us, and actually we are just in the confines of our bedroom. People read to escape their lives for a bit, and you really do that with IF ONLY. Believe me when I say, you will not want to leave the Shadowlands or the family that you will fall in love with while you are there.

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  1. Yikes! Tough choice but I would have to do with “If Only” just because I waited, it seemed, like forever for this book to come outl

  2. My favorite book of the year is If Only by Cherise Sinclair. I have wanted to read Sallys book ever since the first book came out and when Cherise introduced the Feds I knew then that these were the Masters that I wanted for Sally. Sallys book was well worth the wait.

  3. There are just too many to pick one … Heather Rainier, Lexi Blake, Sophie Oak, Cherise Sinclair … it’s been a great year!

  4. My Pick For 2013 Would Have To Be Surrender Your Love ByJc Reed They Were Very Good Book. And I Love The Surrender , Conquer.And Treasure All Three Amazing Books!!! Have A Merry Christmas!!

  5. Wow that’s a hard choice! If I had to pick my choice would either be Driven by Katy Evans or Convicted by Aleatha Romig.

  6. I am still in a Wallnbanger haze. And i seem to be out of the norm and havent had a chance to read Driven series yet

  7. I have to say I would be hard pressed to pick which one of Cherise’s I would pick. Have both of them. I have added some of the others on the list to my tbr wishlist. Thanks for the chance to get one.

  8. I haven’t read any of the books on your list. i have four of them but haven’t had time to read them. I created a list of your picks and will be reading them in the new year. Being the obsessive compulsive list maker that I am, I’ve kept track of all the books I’ve read this year and my ratings for them. This is my list of the best books I’ve read this year:

    My list of 5++ star reads so far this year:
    1. My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair
    2. The Billionaire’s Final Stand by Melody Anne
    3. Reaper’s Property by Joana Wylde
    4. Beautifully Damaged by LA Fiore
    5. Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley
    6. Knight by Kristen Ashley (read it for 2nd time this year)
    7. Breathe by Kristen Ashley
    8. Wrath by Laurann Dohner (also reread this year)
    9. Catch Me if You Can by Liliana Hart
    10. Obsidian by Laurann Dohner
    11. Consequences by Althea Romig
    12. Complete Russian Protector (4 books) series by Roxie Riviera
    13. Forged in Steele by Maya Banks
    14. Love Plus One by Andrea Smith
    15. Heaven and Hell by Kristen Ashley (New favorite BBF and BGF! (Kia Clemintine & Sampson (Sam) Cooper)
    16. Lethal Pursuit by Kaylea Cross
    17. Falling for the Marine by Samantha Beck
    18. Night Moves by Andrea Smith
    19. Enslaved by the Ocean by Bella Jewel
    20. Barely Undercover by Sarah Castille

    This list is in the order that I read them and not all were released in 2013

  9. I have read and loved way too many books this year to possibly pick a favorite!! You have some of my fave authors on your list, Shayla Black, Cherise Sinclair, Sophie Oak, Bianca Sommerland, Lexi Blake, these ladies have all made me laugh and cry!! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  10. WOW Shayna!! Thank you and you have some awesome picks!! I honestly cannot narrow mine down as I love to many Authors and could not leave anyone out!!