Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Lost Without You by BJ Harvey

by BJ Harvey

I’m so excited to share this BEAUTIFUL cover with you! BJ Harvey’s newest edition to her Lost series – Lost Without You is expected to release at the end of the month and I’m so excited to dive in to this one! Not only do we have a wonderful cover for you, but there is also an excerpt AND a great Giveaway! Check it out…

Lost Without You - BJ Harvey Ebook cover

Title: Lost Without You (Lost #2.5)

Author: BJ Harvey

Expected Release: Jan 30th

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Long before he moved to New York to protect Elle Halliwell, Shay McCarron felt like a drifter.


Working with his best friend, Brax, he took whatever job he could get to survive until mob boss, Victor Bertorelli, offered them both the opportunity of a lifetime, a life line.


Now working security and close protection for some of Georgia’s richest families, the boys are living the high life. High profile jobs, nights of easy women, and copious alcohol…with their very lucrative, if not slightly illegal occupation, the boys think they’re sitting pretty.


Brenna, the youngest daughter of mob boss, Victor Bertorelli, hates her family’s mob ties, their morals, the whole damn thing. She wants to get as far away from them and the notorious Bertorelli name as she can.


Until the blonde haired, green eyed, cocky as hell Shay storms into her life and succeeds in capturing her attention, and her heart.


Unfortunately, it’s the very world they live in that will tear them apart forever.


Get to know the history of the best friend who gave his all in the highly acclaimed Lost series.




After waiting ten minutes in Victor’s kitchen, and another ten minutes in my car as it rumbled loudly in the driveway, the princess is finally seated in the black leather bucket seat beside me, arms crossed and looking none too happy about her predicament.


“You going to sit there and pout like a spoiled brat not getting her own way, or you actually going to talk to me?” I look over at the raven haired woman in my passenger seat who still has my groin tight and my breath lost.


She looks my way and scowls. “I don’t even know your name! And anyway, why would I want to talk to one of my father’s underlings who probably doesn’t know his head from his ass? Hell, even your hot ass muscle car is probably paid for with dirty fucking money.” She smirks, and I see it—that spark. The fire that I saw burning in her eyes this morning when we met.


I stop at an intersection and wait for the traffic lights to change. “Seems there are a few things we need to clear up, cupcake. My name is Shay, and this hot ass muscle car is mine and mine alone. No dirty fucking money involved. And I can assure you right now, I definitely know my head from my ass. You know what else?” I lean in towards her ear. “I also know where your ass and head are, and right now one is stuck so far up the other, it’s a wonder you don’t need breath mints.”



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About BJ Harvey

BJ Harvey is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Bliss Series. She also regards herself as a smut peddler, suspense conjurer and a funny romance thinker upper.
An avid music fan, you will always find her singing some hit song badly but loving every minute of it.

She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful girls, and hails from what she considers as the best country in the world—New Zealand.

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