Review: Fatalism by LK Collins

Review: Fatalism by LK CollinsFatalism by LK Collins
Series: Life. Destiny. Fate. #1
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Alexa & Vincent's Story

Alexa Schaefer has been through more pain and hurt in her life than your average twenty-eight year old. She protects her heart by controlling everything around her and living her life according to a strict set of rules. For years, she has lived behind a wall, not allowing anyone into her heart. That is, until she meets Vincent, a man she can't get out of her head no matter what she tells herself.

On the outside, Vincent Mileski appears to be a confident, no nonsense attorney. A prodigy in the field of law, he has just won the biggest case of his career. Needing out of the spotlight, Vincent moves back to his home state of Colorado to get some time alone to heal from a previous betrayal. He hasn’t had a woman turn his head in years, that is, until he meets Alexa. After only knowing her name and the sweet taste of her kiss, she is torn from his arms.

Will fate bring these two back together, or will they spend an eternity searching?


Fatalism by LK Collins has been on my Kindle forever, and I’m so happy I finally got a chance to start this. Fatalism is a beautiful, passionate love story full of so much intensity. Right off the bat, you get sucked in with Vincent’s behavior towards Alexa and vise versa. At first I thought, wow, could this be too much, too fast. But after learning more and more about Alexa’s past and of Vincent’s past, it all seemed to click and work for me, in a big way. I stopped worrying about how major their feelings were towards each other in such a short amount of time, and started really getting in to the circumstances that surround these characters.

It broke my heart to hear how Alexa’s mother treated her after her father left, telling her to watch her weight or she wouldn’t find a man. Ugh! It just pissed me off to no end. It was a full three years since she spoke with her mother. Unfortunate circumstances brought them back together, and it turned out being just another chance where her mother can treat her like dirt. Alexa has so much compassion to just be able to try to reconnect after all the pain her mother put her through. With her father leaving and her mother being such a bitch, it’s no wonder that Alexa feels like she always needs to be in control. And with that frame of mind, there was never any real relationships, just the physical aspect of it all. That is, until fate decides to intervene, and in walks Vincent.

“Do you believe in fate? I mean do you believe that no matter what you do in life your destiny is already planned?”

Vincent is the whole freaking package. He’s gorgeous, rich, successful, has many beautiful cars 🙂 The main thing I was fascinated by was his passion, his intensity, his fire. I couldn’t get enough. Vincent is a man who you want in your bed and by your side at all times. I could live with the jealousy, I could live with the over protectiveness about him. He loves so hard, and protects what’s his. It just so damn sexy! Talk about a man with a horrible past, with his mother dying in front of him, and his fiancé cheating on him. You wonder how he still became so wealthy and successful. Most men would crumble in those circumstances. He may have been successful, but his heart was empty, until a beautiful stranger ran into him and gave him a kiss that would change his life.

“I’ll lose control. I will devour every piece of you and fuck you all night. Then neither of us will sleep because I’ll be buried inside of you. Sleep is the only thing that will allow me to control the beast inside of me.”

I LOVE finding new authors! LK Collins is a brand new author to me, and I am so glad I started this story when I did. I needed a novel like this. A love story like Alexa’s and Vincent’s helps me believe. It helps me to believe in an intense, passionate kind of love, and it helps me believe that fate is not always there to kick your ass, sometimes fate delivers something wonderful and magical. I need my very own Vincent! Do you hear that fate?! Deliver dammit!

“Every word, every feeling, and every emotion I shared with you was from my heart and one hundred percent true. I fucking love you.”


I’d love to know your thoughts on the review of Fatalism by LK Collins? Have you read it? Will you read it? What are your thoughts on fate and how has it treated you?

About LK Collins

From bestselling author, LK Collins, comes 3 Breaths a standalone novel releasing 2-29-16. 3 Breaths will make your heart skip a beat while falling for the bad boy that you know you shouldn’t. LK writes an array of emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. She’s a lover of the oxford comma and everything in the writing world. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns, she always keeps her readers enthralled ’til the end. When LK’s not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, “The Prezident,” are sure to be plotting out her next tale. 

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