Guest Review: STARR Destined by G E Griffin

Guest Review: STARR Destined by G E GriffinStarr Destined​ by G E Griffin
Series: STARR Series #2
on February 28, 2014
Genres: Erotic Romance
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Does running away ever really solve anything?

Well, it's the best solution Seraphina Jones can come up with, to erase Liam Starr from her life, and deal with her shattered heart after his betrayal.

But will Liam let her go that easily?

Initially caught off guard when his murky past comes back to haunt him, Liam fights to take back control of his life.  Trying to regain Seraphina's trust becomes increasingly complicated when someone with a score to settle keeps raising the stakes, and winning back Seraphina turns out to be the least of Liam’s problems.


STARR Destined can be read alone, but recommended that  STARR Fated is read first.


Suitable for readers 18+ due to language and sexual content.



We first met Seraphina Jones and Liam Starr in Starr Fated. Sera was a young college student who had a chance meeting with Jamie Starr. She was offers a place to stay and then a job. Liam and Sera had a rocky start, but things were going hot and heavy by the end of the novel.

This writer writes each chapter in a different POV and it is clearly labelled as such and very easy to follow. I think this a great tool to really get inside everyone’s head and to get a good idea of what each character is really about.

Liam has been quite the playboy before, but soon realizes that he is ready to settle down and declares his love for Sera. She fortunately returns his declarations of love but is still too young, independent and stubborn to agree to marry him.

Liam is quite possessive, in a loving sort of way, and tries to control by constantly wanting to know where she is and what she is doing. He had a troubled childhood and knows what horrors are out there and he is truly looking out for her. Sera chafes at this treatment and there are some tense moments to work through.

The sex between the two of them is rocking hot. There is plenty of shower sex, office sex, some kinky sex in the change room at the Harvey Nicholl’s Store, and some interesting sex in the Aston Mini. The two of them have explosive passion between them. At one point, he allows her to have the upper hand and this involves blindfolds, champagne, strawberries and melted chocolate. Yummy.

There is plenty of drama, lots of humour and even a dramatic series of events that truly shocked me. The author handled all these different scenarios with the skill that she is known for. The scenes ran effortlessly into one another. I went from laughing to crying to being shocked simply by turning the page.

She also wraps everything up so beautifully at the end. It simply took my breath away and I had to read the ending again. I was that touched.

I enjoyed the first book in this series and found this one even better.



About G E Griffin

Wife, mother of three grown up daughters, and now an author. How on earth did that happen?​

I’ve always loved a good romantic story, and I’ve always had an over active imagination. And doesn’t everyone have stories going round in their head all the time, to help them escape from boring mundane jobs, or the usual everyday life dramas? Apparently not, according to my very practical and down to earth engineer husband.

However, it wasn’t until my youngest daughter flew the nest to head off to university, and I needed to find a way to overcome empty nest syndrome that I actually started writing these stories down.

So now I’ve finally released my first book STARR Fated an adult romance, with the sequel STARR Destined due out 28 February 2014.

I live in Surrey, in the South of England, where I watch the seasons roll by from the window of the little study where I sit and write.

Apart from writing, I love photography, and travelling to places where there are beautiful gardens and scenery to admire. But I think my favourite hobby of all is people watching. That, and more years of life experience than I care to admit to, are what I use to draw on when I’m writing.

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