Review: Their Second Chance by April Angel

Review: Their Second Chance by April AngelTheir Second Chance by Milly Taiden/April Angel
Published by: Latin Goddess Press
on February 15, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Fiction
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After five years with a man she loved, Ariana Parker held the divorce papers in hand. From the moment she met him, Nick was the only man to make her body burn and fill her heart with joy, but somewhere along the way, they lost their ability to communicate--in any language.
Nick Parker lost the woman he loved to the trials of conception. Their inability to cope with their failure broke down their relationship and their friendship. And now, he's left with a woman he lusts after, longs for, and doesn't know how to reach.
One locked door and plenty of time to hash out their problems will either leave them broken forever or might just be the glue that holds them together.


 Their Second Chance by April Angel is a great contemporary romance that will warm your heart and soul. For those of you who are struggling through a relationship or marriage, this story will be a great lesson learning experience. For those of you who are looking for your soul mate, this will be incredibly inspirational to you.

 ❝ A lot of people will tell you that it hurts to be without the person you love, but the truth is, that it’s like living with no purpose. Without her…I can’t imagine my life without her. She’s my soul, ❞

I love it when you get something a little different than what you expect from an author. It’s refreshing, and it shows just how talented the author is with her diversity. I am used to her paranormal erotic romances under Milly Taiden and her other contemporary erotic stories with April Angel. No matter what genre this author writes in, they are always very solid, very sexy, and very emotionally driven.

Their Second Chance deals with real life relationship issues. A couple that has been married for seven years, together for 5 years, and something in their marriage just stopped working, they just stopped communicating. What would you do? Counseling? Separation? Divorce? After a time of separation, Ariana and Nick find themselves in quite the pickle. Forced together and in close quarters with nowhere to go, they rehash what went wrong in their marriage, bringing to light what unimaginable event happened to Ariana.

At the very beginning of this book, you feel right away Ariana’s torment, the gut-wrenching sadness at the possibility of losing her husband and her best friend. This kind of emotion, the emotion that you feel deep inside, is what you will carry through till the end of their story. You will care for these two and will want nothing for the best, and I think that is because you can relate to them on such a level that you thought no one would understand. The undying love and the passion Ariana and Nick had for each other was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Their Second Chance is a very fitting title for this story. It’s a story of hope, a story of passion, and a story that will stick with you for a very long time.

❝ Fall, sweetheart, I’ll catch you. ❞


*Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*


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