Review: Diesel by Piper Malone

Review: Diesel by Piper MaloneDiesel by Piper Malone
Published by: Self-pub
on December 20, 2014
Genres: Fiction, New Adult, Romance
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Is he a snake in the garden…


Diesel guards her loyalties and her privacy fiercely. In order to protect both, she never wavers from her ironclad shell of self-control. So when intrepid entertainment blogger Elliot Archer breaches the gates of Eden, the nightclub sensation over which she reigns, her defenses heighten. Is Elliot here to document her kingdom, or tear apart her paradise?


Or the key to her salvation…


Just as she feared, Elliott begins to break down her walls. Her desires stir, ignited by his sinful body and heated stares. With his tender words, strong heart, and quest to make her whole, Elliot opens her soul as no one ever has.


Or the push to her downfall?


When Diesel finally releases the last pieces of herself to Elliot, her kingdom is set ablaze, scorching the heart she safeguarded for years. Can Elliot’s love be enough to heal her wounds before it is too late?


Diesel by Piper Malone was a sexy, suspenseful, beautiful story full of great characters, interesting story lines, and a great depth of emotion. We are thrown in to the mystery club that is Eden. Underground, exclusive, and trying to make a name for itself, with Piper’s description of Eden, you can’t help but want to be transported there right away. It will make you curious, it will intrigue you, but you will indeed feel like you are right there beside these wonderful, complex characters.


I liked Diesel right away. She is a tough chick. She is a bad ass, and she takes no shit from no one. She has built walls around her heart, and to the outside, these walls look unbreakable. On the inside she is just scared; Scared to love again; Scared to give someone her heart only for them to leave it high and dry. She runs Eden, it’s her baby, and she doesn’t take well to strangers being in her territory…


Enter gorgeous, sexy blogger, Elliot Archer. Tasked to find out more about Eden, Elliot is thrust in to the sexy scene. Upon meeting Diesel he immediately wants to know more about her. Despite advances from other women, he only has his sights set on the beautiful, stubborn, sexy Diesel.


❝It’s only her. Her breath on me. The brush of her bra on my bare chest. Her smell. The feel of her hair tickling my skin. The warmth of her body. I am lost in her.❞



There is this delicious back and forth between these two that will just make you smile. There is also some hot sexual tension that will have you turning up the air conditioning. The build up of the relationship was sweet. The sex wasn’t just thrown in there, just because. It was beautiful, charming, and at times heartbreaking.


After a horrible event that would leave anyone shaken to the core, you get to witness how strong Diesel really is. After all that she has been through Elliot is there for her, constantly reassuring her, and giving her control when she needs it, and taking it from her when it’s what’s best. Pretty much just helping her to become whole again.


❝I love the feel of his skin on mine, the sound of my name rolling of his tongue.❞



Even through the ups and downs, rises and falls, beautiful and ugly moments, their love for each other broke through, and in the end helped them to both to heal and their relationship to grow even stronger. A love story like this is what helps me to believe in true love overcoming all odds. Very well done. Piper Malone is another romance author to look out for.


❝I look down at him. He examines me before each kiss, kisses me before each touch, and touches me as if I’m the only woman who exists. In this moment, I think I love this man.❞



*Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*


About Piper Malone

Piper Malone became passionate about writing in her early years and has always found comfort and belonging in the beautifully crafted words of authors she adores. Enchanted by the connection of pen to paper, Piper is never without a journal to capture her thoughts and musings. An insatiable adventure, Piper rarely passes on the chance to try something new but also enjoys the simple pleasures of a glass of wine, dark chocolate and a good book. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and son.

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