ARC Guest Review: Mortal Love: After the Fall by E.J. Swenson

I received this book for free from the in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ARC Guest Review: Mortal Love: After the Fall by E.J. SwensonMortal Love: After the Fall by E.J. Swenson
on June 20, 2014
Genres: Dark Romance, Erotic Romance
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Thirty years after a plague destroys civilization, the women in God's Grove, Missouri are entirely subject to their men. At twenty-two years old, Linna Bolt is the barren wife of an abusive husband, alternately pitied and scorned. Although she longs for escape, she can expect no help from her church or her wealthy sister Maya. 

Desperate, she takes matters into her own hands, following a dark ritual known only to a few of the town's most daring women. She does conjure a savior, but he's not what she expected. He opens her eyes to the joys of true affection and physical love. He also inspires her to take control of her life, a risky proposition that could be fatal to her and to those she cares for the most.

Reader advisory/trigger warning: This story includes explicit sex, graphic depictions of an abusive relationship, and a heroine who gleefully cheats on her husband.


This is a dark erotic romance book and it just didn’t do it for me. It couldn’t keep my attention. This beginning of the book was very confusing and I found it a little hard to follow until around the seventh chapter.

Linna Agnes Bolt is a twenty-two year old unhappily married woman to a man who is verbally and physically abusive. Years after a plague destroys the civilization, women are no longer capable of doing things on their freewill.  She attends a party at her sister’s house where an old-school house friend tells them the tales about demons. She’s told how demons take sex from woman in exchange for wishes. The more sex provided the more wishes you receive. The next day she finds a book in her bag about how to summon them. She quickly uses one of the methods to summon a demon in hopes of getting away from her abusive husband. She lives with the fear that one day her husband will crack and she will die by his hands.

“Without warning, he digs the knife into her flesh and inscribes a firm line that swells with blood.”

Linna is should feel guilty but she is happy when he comes through her window. Jim Hawkins, known as Hawk, comes to Linna when he sees her from her neighbor’s house working in her garden. He comes to get what he wants. But things don’t turn out exactly how they were supposed to. Hawk sees the bruises on Linna’s body and instantly becomes enraged. He shows her what it passion, tenderness and caring feels like. They form a plan to take Linna away from her abusive husband so he can no longer hurt her.

“Come for me, sweetheart. I want to see your secret face. The face that shows me you’re in ecstasy. The face I bet your husband has never seen.” ~ Hawk

They story tells about the religious little town of God’s Grove surviving after the plague and then the rumors of demons. I felt like I had no idea what was going on most of the time. There are some unexpected twists to the story. It’s one of those stories for me that just did not draw me in. There were moments throughout the story where you could feel the emotions, especially when her husband abuses her and the things that he tells her. Linna felt vulnerability, insecurities, self-loathing, unworthy and damaged because of her husband’s abuse. The sex scenes with Hawk however were great. Overall, it was an okay story.



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About E.J. Swenson

E.J. Swenson is a business journalist by day and a writer of quirky, romantic, and downright dirty stories by night. She writes under a pseudonym because her colleagues and family would be shocked―SHOCKED!―to see the dark twisty places where her imagination likes to roam. When she’s not tethered to her computer, she’s avidly reading all kinds of genre fiction, baking (and resisting the siren call of excess baked goods), and keeping track of her two small children.

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