Guest Review: House of Doms Boxed Set by Ava Snow

I received this book for free from the in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Guest Review: House of Doms Boxed Set by Ava SnowHouse of Doms Boxed Set by Ava Snow
Series: House of Doms
Published by: Dragon Guild Management and Publishing
on April 8, 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance
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Past Unbound 
Darius and Alia had loved each other a long time. A woman’s jealousy and greed and a father’s need to control tore them apart. 
Six years after, his life is turned upside down, Darius McKade returns to his home town. There to run his business and claim the only woman he’s ever loved. He’s changed in a lot of ways. He’s learned and grown into his dominance, and he’ll use what he knows to get what he wants. 
Alia Ward has finally put the past behind her—or so she thought. The instant Darius walked into her small bakery she knew she hadn’t. After a moment of weakness, she gives him her body, but will she be able to give him her heart? 

Love Unbound 
Slade Jamison has finally found the woman that he feels can be his perfect submissive. But will her past hinder her from submitting fully? 
Tiyionna Barnes suffered at the hands of one claiming to be a Dominant. He stripped her of her self-worth and left a shell of who she once was. 
Can Slade’s brand of dominance show her that the woman she once was is still there, or will Tiyionna push him away, not willing to take a chance? 

Chains Unbound 
Aubrey Lawson has survived a horrific crime, but he’s nobody’s victim. After a dream date that turns into hours of torture, Bre is finally freed—only he wakes up to confront another nightmare: his savior is none other than Devlin Barnes. Dev, with his baritone voice and mesmerizing eyes, is the Dom of Aubrey’s dreams and the last person he wants on his rehab watch. 
Bre’s pride—and libido—are pushed to their limits when Devlin insists that he be moved to the Barnes’ house for the rest of his recovery. Dev makes no secret about his own lust for Aubrey, and soon has the gorgeous submissive in his bed, in every meaning of the word. But Devlin’s passion only solidifies Aubrey’s firmest hard limit: he won’t be a charity case to anyone, especially Devlin. 
The couple’s fresh commitment is tested when Aubrey steps into danger once more to keep Devlin safe. Can Dev get to him in time? More importantly, can he break through Bre’s chains of pride and self-doubt, and show him the beautiful bondage of lasting love?


This box set contains three novellas which are centered around a BDSM club called The House:

Past Unbound 

Darius (Dare) McKade make a life changing decision which caused him to lose the love of his life. After 6 years apart he has come back into Alia (Lia) Ward’s life to take back what he should have never gave up. However, even though Lia has grown into a true submissive doesn’t mean she will kneel easily to the man who shattered her heart.

I loved Lia’s backbone and the fact she didn’t forgive Dare quickly. She made the Dom work for what he wanted. The sex was downright sizzling and their journey back to one another was a well constructed. When Lia realizes Dare owns The House was priceless.

Love Unbound

Tiyionna Barnes has serious self-esteem issues due to a bad past relationship. She is not a size 2 blond hair blue-eyed Barbie doll she usually see Slade Jamison with. So when he shows interest in her she doesn’t believe in his motives or in her own beauty. Slade has had an eye for Tiyionna since the day she was hired at The House BDSM club as a bartender. He has waited long enough to claim her and he is ready to make his move.

I liked that Tiyionna was written as a plus size woman with body imagine issues. This gave her an added dimension to her character. The manner in which Slade helped her own her body and sexuality was a bit unconventional, but I found to be exactly how the men of The House would behave. Of course as in all the stories the sex was smokin’ and Slade could get creative.

Chains Unbound

Detective Devlin Barnes has sworn off ever claiming another sum due to a hurtful experience. Aubrey has always grabbed his attention and even had scenes together at The House. However, after one horrific event Devlin knows he can no longer deny the attraction and need he has to make Aubrey his. Aubrey is still reeling from the hate crime inflicted on him and does not want Devlin to want him out of obligation. He has been half in love with the Dom for months and will only accept his claim if it is out of love not pity.

This story was probably my favorite due to the fact the storyline addresses some tough subjects. I felt Aubrey’s pain and Devlin’s determination to not only care for but show him he can be loved again.

The three stories are short but jam-packed with some pretty hot sex and even hotter Dominant alpha males. I really liked how all the characters intertwined throughout the series. However, I think due to the length of the stories some of character development felt rushed at times and lacked some of the emotional connection as a reader I love to have with the characters of a book. This book contained a variety of sexual scenes such as M/F/M, M/F, M/M as well as BDSM play. This series was a fun and scorching read.


About Ava Snow

Ava Snow didn’t always like to read. Her love for books came along at a time when she needed to get away from everyday life. Now she has a couple book cases and a storage unit with boxes full of books. Reading just about any genre will make her happy but when she got a hold of Shayla Black, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, and Lori Foster to name a few, BDSM has become her most favorite.

Writing never crossed her mind until some very special people pushed her. Now she’s got the bug and with the encouragement of some dear friends and a wonderful family she hasn’t looked back.

Ava lives on the east coast with her two almost grown children. She loves almost all kinds of music, dancing, action and horror movies, to cook and bake. All those things centered around a good book. If she’s reading don’t interrupt you might get hurt. LOL

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