Guest Review: Pieces by Janine Infante Bosco

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Guest Review: Pieces by Janine Infante BoscoPieces by Janine Infante Bosco
Series: The Riverdale Series #1
Published by: Self-pub
on April 9, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Jake Lanza is one of Riverdale New York’s favorite sons. He owns a tattoo parlor in the small upstate town and prides himself on being a fun-loving, live by the seat of your pants type of guy. He has everything he wants in life, a thriving business, a great family and a best friend with whom he could never live without.

Cara Sloane weaved her way into Jake’s life when they were fifteen years old. After her life fell apart at such a young age, Jake helped her heal, and began to pick up the pieces of her fallen life. His unconventional ways slowly had him becoming the anchor in her life.

Now fourteen years later Jake begins to see Cara in a new light. The things he thought he never wanted, he suddenly began to yearn for. The only problem was they were both too frightened to lose the greatest love either of them has ever known. Can Jake convince Cara there is more for them than just a friendship? Is he willing to take that gamble himself?


This book is so much more than the book description eludes you too. Jake Lanza is a sexy, charismatic, and fun-loving guy. His ink and piercings add to his allure. He is also funny and loyal to what he feels is his which includes his family (which include a sexy as hell brother and panty wetting best friend) and his best friend since 15 years old Cara Slone. Neither can find someone who will accept their close friendship so their love lives have consisted of short interludes and meaningless one night stands. Once these two get together the fire they make between the sheets is smokin’ and the love they find is priceless. The journey to figuring out they have some special besides friendship I felt was a bit rushed at the beginning, but as more back story was given throughout the first half of the book I was sold. Jake was Cara’s rock in a time she felt she her world was crashing down around her and Cara was Jake’s life line a moral compass when life through a curve ball or two. They never wanted to do anything that could destroy the bond they had built, but as their feelings grew stronger and one passionate kiss they knew nothing would ever be the same. As they begin this new chapter of their life with their new defined roles is when everything they had created is tested with a true test to their bond neither was prepared for. 

The secondary charters include a broody brother, Luke, who is also a single dad trying to find his path in life while still being the responsible and dependable man he has had to become for the sake of his little girl. A mysterious and dominant best friend, Nick, who has secrets that had him moving away for six-year and putting his feelings for brother’s little sister, Sam on hold. He broke her heart without him knowing the damage he has done and now that he is back his mission is to get Sam at any cost necessary. 

I loved this book. Jake was funny, charming and made me laugh out loud at his antics. Cara was strong-willed and dedicated to Jake in a way only a woman truly in love could be. The book covers a plethora of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I got mad, but all of that confirms just how invested I got as reader and how great of a book it was. This is book is for mature audiences only and the sex is off the charts. I mean you need to use the eReader to try to fan yourself kind of hot, and some situations are not necessarily appropriate for someone under the age of 18 years old.  



Book 2 in The Riverdale Series – Broken Pieces coming June 17th!


Nick Foti left Riverdale New York, seven years ago, leaving his dreams and the only family he ever knew behind. Most of all he left the one girl that managed to completely unravel him. Samantha Lanza was his best friends little sister. She wasn’t meant to be his, she was his to protect like a sister. 

When he finally decided he couldn’t fight his attraction to her, events unfold that force him to leave her and the only life he has ever wanted behind. Forced to work for his father in Seattle, Nick is miserable. He spends most his time in the boardroom playing the corporate mogul. The rest of the time he loses himself in a bottle and random woman that will never compare to the one he left behind. 

One day Nick hits rock bottom and decides he’s had enough, he hangs up his suit and tie and sets out to reclaim the life he was meant to have. He heads back to Riverdale just when the family he has always loved as his own needs him the most. Everyone welcomes Nick with open arms, except Sam. She wants nothing to do with him. Can he convince her he’s a changed man who wants nothing more than to have her in his arms forever? Or has is the betrayal she feels too great to forgive.


About Janine Infante Bosco

I have always had a love for reading and writing. My earliest memories of reading are when I was about eight years old and my mother and I would read at night. She on one couch, me on the other and after each page I turned I’d ask her, “Mommy, what page are you on?”

When I was thirteen I began to write. My passion evolved as the years went on, and when I was eighteen I wrote a full screenplay. Eighteen with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Fastforward, I am now thirty years old. I am married with children and while I may never had done anything with my screenplay, I have fulfilled other dreams of mine, that were even more important to me.

My first novel is titled Pieces, and for me it is a dream come true. I hope you enjoy the journey, I’d love for you all to come along for the ride with me.

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