In the Spotlight: Dirty Little Secret by Amber Rides



Cutter Lane is not a nice guy. He is the kind of man who burns down a house when his ex cheats on him, then sleeps with that same ex, just because he can. He is the kind of man your mother warned you about – the kind you’ll love to hate and the kind you can’t wait to tame.

And he’s just driven his truck and his ego straight in Melissa Hanover’s rose-tinted world.

Melissa is so unlike Cutter that they might as well be fire and ice. She is the girl next door. She is the perfect, all-American sweetheart. And she has playing nice down to an art. Her life has been mapped out since birth, and she’s never given a second thought to how it will unfold. Because it will always be perfect.

Until Cutter Lane skids to a stop in front of her, slinging mud into her hair and chaos into her heart.

In one mean, hot moment, Cutter has Melissa second guessing all of her priorities and questioning her morals. And with one look, Melissa has Cutter wishing he was the kind of guy who bought roses and sipped wine. The only problem? Neither of them is willing to admit it.

But it’s hard to keep that kind of attraction down for long – especially when life keeps throwing you together.

Funny, touching, and filled with passion, Dirty Little Secret is a story that’s destined to please.





About Amber Rides

Amber writes under a not-so-secret pseudonym. Her books are just too steamy for her friends on the playground. Yep, that’s right. She’s a mom of 3 and has a good-girl rep to protect. She’s pretty sure her husband is trying to blow that out of the water, but until then, she’ll keep trying.

Before beginning her writing career (like, this year) Amber worked at a restaurant. The whole time she worked there, she was gathering intel for characters. She did warn her customers that one day they might appear in her books, and they all agreed that their French fry purchases doubled as liability waiver.

Amber lives in southern Alberta, Canada. She uses this as an excuse to Google hot cowboys. And also as a reason to force her husband to wear tight jeans and drive a jacked up truck.
Dirty Little Secret is Amber’s debut novel, and it will be followed up by 2 more books, tentatively titled Dirty Little Deal and Dirty Little Mistake.

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